The 5 Most Stylish New Luxury Cameras


In art, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. However, when it comes to stylish photography gear, it really comes down to the camera you’re holding (and the size of your bank account). These five cameras ranging from minimal to lavish may be impractical, but they sure as hell look good strapped around your neck. Okay, some of them rock at photography, too. Just one word of advice: don’t drop ‘em.


For the baller: Brikk Lux Nikon in 24K yellow gold
This kit from Brikk includes a Lux Nikon DF camera and a Lux Nikkor 14-24 F/2.8 lens, but you may be less interested in its inner workings than in its 24-karat gold exterior. The camera comes equipped with a gold-plated lens and detailing around the housing, plus stingray leather accents. Even its custom Zero Halliburton camera case is finished in gold. Of course, the hardware doesn’t come cheap: it’s available only through Brikk for a cool $41,295.


For the style blogger: Leica X Moncler Edition
The French-Italian brand Moncler, known for its cold weather-resistant outerwear
and down
, teamed up with the Germans at Leica to create a camera that’s both technically impressive for its size and aesthetically appealing. The aluminum and magnesium device is constructed by hand and features Moncler’s red, white and blue livery. Inside, it goes back to basics with a super-fast autofocus sensor and a powerful 23-millimetre Summilux lens that allows it to shoot images up to 16 megapixels in size.


For the minimalist: 66/6 Pinhole
The 66/6 Pinhole instant camera may be impractical, but what it lacks in technical specs it makes up for in pure style. The set-up is simple: load it with discontinued Polaroid film (now being produced by The Impossible Project), select your pinhole exposure, pull out the flexible rubber bellows and point the camera at the subject. Then wait. A while. The resulting analog photographs echo the camera’s own simple design, which is at once classic and haunting.


For the futuristic photog: Lytro Illum
The Lytro Illum is a professional-grade camera that creates interactive photographs using a 40 Megaray custom sensor. It never needs to focus; instead, it captures light from multiple perspectives, allowing you to re-focus, add depth of field, or go 3D after the fact—the underlying principle of the emergent art of light-field photography. The breakthrough lens can also shoot from almost any range, so you’ll rarely have to change a lens. On the back, it has a tablet-quality touchscreen that can help you do your editing on the fly or simply upload images straight to your smartphone.


For the fashion-conscious point-and-shooter: Hasselblad Stellar SE
Designed in Italy and aimed at well-heeled amateurs, the Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition camera is a luxe variant of the discontinued Sony RX100 featuring distinctive wooden handgrips and an elegant aluminum body. Functionally, the compact captures full HD video and images, with a 3.6X optical zoom and a wide-range ISO setting that works well in low-light situations. It’s available in black, white and orange, with three matching grips in either carbon fibre, padouk, or wenge.


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