5 Modern Coffee Makers You Shouldn’t Sleep On


Nothing wakes you up better, nothing cures a hangover faster and nothing tastes more amazing with a side of bacon than the perfect cup of coffee. Thing is, it’s been a while since that dinky French press from Starbucks cut it. Behold, ye bleary-eyed worshippers of the wee hours: five new contraptions belonging to the next generation of coffee makers, smartly designed to create the perfect cuppa and safeguard the sanctity of your favourite roast, whether it’s ethically sourced from Ethiopia or just from the McDonald’s around the corner (no judgement). Go forth and be caffeinated.


Home brew: Wilfa Svart Precision coffee maker
A countertop option hasn’t looked this good since, well, ever. The Wilfa Svart Precision was designed by world champion barista Tim Wendelboe to prepare certifiably flawless coffee worthy of Golden Cup status from the Specialty Coffee Associations of America. The brewer carefully controls the temperature and volume of water being fed into the grounds, producing quick and delicious results from one to 10 cups.


One-stop coffee shop: Bonaverde
This new German-designed coffee machine (currently on pre-order) will automatically roast, grind and brew coffee beans to create one of the freshest cups of Joe an in-home machine can offer. The crowdfunded Bonaverde allows brewers to watch the green beans roast inside an illuminated chamber before running them through a super-fast, adjustable grinder. The grounds are then brewed using filtered water a rain shower method to your desired strength. Oh, and this all happens in about the same amount of time it takes your regular coffee maker to go through the motions.


For the pour-over holdout: Ratio coffee machine
If you’re a coffee purist with a love of manually creating a pot of pour-over coffee, say hello to technology. With a push of a button, the Ratio coffee machine performs the tricky (and lengthy) task of preparing pour-over coffee for you, ensuring you’ll have a perfect cup waiting for you just the way you like it. Among the variables it automatically tracks are pre-infusion, coffee contact time and water temperature, so you know it’s better than whatever you’ll come up with.


The workhorse: Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker
It’s a scientifically-proven fact that your office’s coffee maker sucks, so there’s really no shame in wishing you could replace it with something better. Good news: the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker should be an easy sell to the boss. Using the WeMo smartphone app, it allows you to start, stop and monitor your brewing (or even schedule it weeks in advance), no matter where you are. It also brews a cool 10 cups in as little as eight minutes, about 20 per cent faster than the average machine, and keeps it toasty inside an insulated carafe.


Instant gratification: Delizio Uno

The Delizio Uno is a Keurig replacement that makes exactly one cup of coffee, perfect if you have nobody to impress—and in case you do, it has you covered with stylish design. It takes no more than 15 seconds to heat up and allows you to control exactly how much water you wanter per cup. Another plus is it uses coffee capsules, ensuring leftover grounds don’t go to waste.
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