5 Ways To Kill It At Your Next Holiday Gathering


Dressing for all your year-end social engagements is never easy—after all, nothing puts you under more scrutiny than a legion of friends and family to impress. To help, we found five of this winter’s best menswear trends, and tell you how you can use them to create on-point party attire. See you in 2015.


Stack up on textures
Kick up your winter layering game by pulling together tweed, wool, cashmere and more classic fabrics into the same outfit. The right amount of textural clash can elevate even a checked flannel shirt into the realm of luxe softness a la Kanye—just throw on a fine plaid tie and a boiled wool blazer over it. Similarly, a chunky-yet-slim fisherman sweater doubles as a layering piece under a tweed suit, instantly turning it into a holiday three-piece (without the pretension).


Bring corduroy to the party
Ditch the velvet jacket in favour of its cooler cousin, corduroy. It shares the former fabric’s subtle sheen and softness, but, true to its working-class heritage, it’ll also keep you warm and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The stripes on a corduroy blazer or suit will help set you apart. (The finer the stripes, the more expensive it’ll look, by the way. They don’t call it the fabric of kings for nothing). A blazer looks great in holiday-ready hues such as navy, dark emerald and, of course, midnight black.


Use your outdoor voice
Wearing your chunky down parka over a sharp suit is very much a thing these days—and makes for a great arrival. It serves the double purpose of keeping you safe from the dipping temperatures and creating a fit-enhancing contrast that sets off the tailored layers underneath. If your style’s more boardroom than streetwear, a large, unstructured wool greatcoat can help pull any look into the orbit of sophistication (and make you feel like a boss).


Stripe down your outfit
If you’re looking for a way to stand out, this year’s stripes of all stripes may be just what you’re looking for. Previously-loud pin stripes are taking on a variety of subtler forms, from casual, chalk-striped trousers to badass takes on the classic grey suit. Keep it casual, fast and fun—none of that Bay Street bull. If you choose to go the other direction (read: horizontally), consider throwing on a striped necktie to nail yet another winter 2014 trend.


Jewellery for the everyman

Upscale cufflinks don’t cut it these days, and incredibly expensive timepieces have lost their lustre. Instead, guys are reaching for any variety of the stylish watches, wristpieces and more that have have recently become as affordable as they are commonplace—which also means they have plenty of options for any occasion. We suggest a handful of rock ‘n roll cuffs or rings featuring fresh designs. Limit one per wrist and you’ll do just fine.
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