NBA Players Who Have Appeared On Entourage


The teaser trailer for the long-rumoured Entourage movie has officially hit the internet. (Yes, the show’s apparently still a thing). Vincent Chase and “the boys” are taking on Hollywood in what’s sure to be yet another tangle of plot points—E will pine away for some girl; a newly svelte Turtle will get the crap kicked out of him by Ronda Rousey (he probably ends up marrying her for all we know); and Vince, well, he just sits around and good things happen to him. Then there are the celebrity cameos. The show has played host to everyone from porn stars to, yes, actual actors at some points. A raft of professional basketball players with one-liners have also gotten in on the action. In cautious anticipation of the film, we look back at our favourite NBA scenes from the original series.


Lamar Odom
Episode: Season 2, Episode, “My Maserati Does 185
Most memorable line: “Vince, man, your brother’s a freak!”
The context: Johnny Drama feels self-conscious about his skinny legs. Natural response? He asks Lamar Odom how he gets his calves looking so good. Lamar dismisses him, sending Drama yet again into one of his existential funks.


Photo: Steve Nash/Facebook

Steve Nash
Episode: Season 6, Episode 6, “Murphy’s Lie”
Most memorable line: “Ouch, bro.”
The context: In the episode when Eric gets dumped by his latest girlfriend, Ashley, he tells Steve Nash that he thinks she just told him to “fuck off” over the phone. Nash offers his condolences.


LeBron James
Episode: Season 6, Episode 12, “Give a Little Bit
Most memorable line: “It wasn’t.”
The context: LeBron and Mark Wahlberg are raising money for a charity, and Vince had already donated. He hopes it was enough—it wasn’t, says an unimpressed James. They shake Vince down for another $150,000 before he takes off for Italy in a private jet.


Chris Bosh
Episode: Season 7, Episode 7, “Tequila and Coke”
Most memorable line: “Got anything besides tequila?”
The context: Turtle recently came into a tequila company, and was throwing a sponsored party. A dreadlocked Chris Bosh wonders whether there’s any other booze on tap, giving Turtle the perfect opportunity to shill the real-life liquor. Turtle tells him a margarita made with his brand “will change your life, just like playing on the Knicks would.” Product placement at its best.


Kevin Love
Most memorable line: “…”
Episode: Season 7, Episode 8, “Sniff Sniff Gang Bang”; Episode 10, “Lose Yourself
The context: With two guest spots, Kevin Love has made the most NBA appearances (unless you count Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has appeared in several as, well, kind of a dick). In his most memorable, Kevin Love and UCLA college basketball player Jordan Farmar pull apart Vincent, Drama and Eminem after they get in a fight at a club. That’s Love on the left.


Amar’e Stoudemire
Episode: Season 8, Episode 7, “Second to Last
Most memorable line: “Hey, go fuck yourself, Turtle.”

The context: Turtle is pulling together investors to fund a half-baked clam restaurant idea. He calls up a few professional athletes, Amar’e Stoudemire among them. Turtle asks Stoudemire to double his previous investment, dropping names like ‘Melo and Strahan, the latter of which is on the court with the New York Knicks player. Turns out, Turtle doesn’t have Strahan on board, and Stoudemire gets annoyed.
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