The Best NBA Videobombs Of 2014-15 So Far


There’s an art to the videobomb. It takes perfect timing, infallible framing and a certain brand of finesse to completely ruin an unsuspecting sideline reporter’s day. It has only been a few weeks into the new season, and it’s already readily apparent that the NBA’s most infamous maestros are back at it again, and in fine form, to boot. Below, we take a look at some of the funniest videobombs we’ve seen so far at the hands of the league’s best ‘bombers.

Gabby Union ruins Dwyane Wade’s interview
During an interview after the Miami Heat beat the New York Knicks on Sunday, Gabrielle Union upstaged her husband—none other than Dwyane Wade—by stepping into the shot and hilariously answering the interviewer’s questions with her own version of how the game went. She got a few playful jabs in at Wade, too, calling him an “old geezer” and making fun of his free throw record. He didn’t look particularly impressed. It comes as no surprise—in 2012, Union was banned from courtside seats after her jeering of Wade and other players got too loud for the NBA to handle.

Shaq gets friendly with Mike Trudell
TWC SportsNet reporter Mike Trudell was in the middle of giving an update on the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers game going on behind him when Shaq passed by, gently stroking the journalist’s hair. Trudell took it in stride without missing a beat. Later, he tweeted about the videobomb: “Upon realizing it was a human hand, I figured it had to be either Shaq, Yao Ming or Andre the Giant. Felt pretty good, actually.” In a similar incident, Shaq licked—licked—Charles Barkley’s bald head on an episode of The Starters. For a really, really uncomfortably long time.

Kevin Love gets payback on LeBron
During a Fox Sports postgame interview with two of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ finest, Dion Waiters snuck up on Kyrie Irving and wrapped a towel around his head. Unperturbed, the reporter turns to LeBron James. Videobombs don’t strike twice, right? Not so. Out of nowhere, Kevin Love comes in for the assist, jumping onto LeBron James’ back and hanging on. Apparently, it was payback for when LeBron did the same thing to Love during a postgame interview after the Cavs took the Chicago Bulls to OT on Nov. 1.

Dwyane Wade videobombs his own interview
Dwyane Wade knows a thing or two about videobombing, and you could say he’s carrying the videobomb torch after LeBron’s departure. That’s why Miami Heat rookie Shabazz Napier’s attempt at getting the best of Wade during an interview with Fox Sports simply didn’t work—you can’t mess with the master. (Unless you’re his wife, apparently). Not to be outdone by the rook, Wade took Napier to school and proceeded to videobomb himself.


Lance Stephenson has perfect timing

One of the Charlotte Hornets’ best players is also one of the most insidious videobombers of all time. As the camera zoomed in on New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher’s face to catch a reaction to a play stoppage, Lance Stephenson popped into the frame with a well-timed ‘bomb. It looks like Fisher knew what was up, too—you can see him glaring at the swingman immediately after. What’s wrong, Fisher? Can’t handle a little competition?
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