Your Complete Grooming And Skincare Winter Survival Kit

During winter, the well-groomed man’s worst enemy isn’t just the snow. No, snow’s just the tip of the iceberg. Arid air, sweaty layers and the transition from blustery streets to overheated offices wreak havoc on a man’s hair and skin, leaving them dry, flaky, itchy, blotchy, irritated (we could go on). The worst part? If unattended, the discomfort can last for months before the spring melt brings sweet relief. Not to worry—we have you covered. These grooming and skincare products will keep you moisturized and ready to face the season (because it’s going to be a long one).

To protect your face: Portland General Store Victory Moisturizer
Ultralight lotions like the Victory Moisturizer from Portland General Store are a must for the guy who doesn’t fancy smearing a greasy film over his face in the name of hydration. This 70 per cent organic formula enriched (and scented) by tea tree oil and menthol instantly locks into skin to restore and refresh your mug, without the mess. It also contains titanium dioxide-based sun protection with a protection factor of 15 that helps protect your skin from the effects of aging.


To protect your face (even more): Evolution Man Wash & Buff Daily Exfoliating Face Wash
Like your winter coat, cold-weather facial skincare begins with a good base layer. Evolution Man’s Wash & Buff daily face wash uses alumina exfoliant microbeads to slough off the dry and dead skin cells that wintry conditions cause, helping your face heal and preparing it for a round of moisturizer. Tea tree leaf oil disinfects and provides a refreshing scent, while Vitamin E extracts promote skin health.


To protect your body: Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap
Your face isn’t the only place where dead skin accumulates—just look beneath those extra layers you’ll be rocking this season. Jack Black’s Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap pulls double duty, removing dead skin with lava rock and moisturizing it using murumuru and shea butters. It also instills your body with the handsome aroma of blue lotus and ginkgo biloba, a welcome wake-up call.


To protect your hands: Baxter of California Hydro Salve Hand Cream
The Hydro Salve Hand Cream from Baxter of California has one job, and it does it well—no need for fancy fragrances. The unscented lotion combines aloe, shea butter and avocado oil into a powerful moisturizer enriched with Vitamins E, C and B5. It practically disappears upon application for instant relief of very dry and rough skin.


To protect your lips: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm
Men tend to avoid anything with the word “balm” in the name—mostly due to its makeup-related connotations—but don’t let Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Lip Balm‘s moniker fool you into actually considering living with chapped lips. Kiehl’s gets rid of the stuff guys hate—like an annoying shine factor—while keeping the stuff they actually need, like shea butter used to restore hydration and prevent dry lips from cracking.


To protect your hair: Malin and Goetz Intensive Hair Conditioner
Hair’s usually the last thing on a guy’s mind when winter hits (just put a hat over it, right?), but not all winter damage occurs out of doors. Many men use a hair dryer before heading out this time of year, which can leave hair especially dry and brittle. To prevent that, Malin and Goetz’s Intensive Hair Conditioner uses residue-free meadowfoam seed and grapeseed oils to restore your follicles, plus fortify them against future damage. Just work some in after your daily shampoo routine and take five to let it soak in.


The protect your beard: Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil

Your beard’s an important buffer between you and the elements, so take care of it with Beardbrand’s Tree Ranger Beard Oil. It softens and conditions the hairs with a combination of essential oils while moisturizing the skin underneath, preventing dry, itchy flakes. It also smells damn good thanks to the eucalyptus, cedar and pine oils inside. If prefer to keep things south of stubble, consider giving Brooklyn Grooming’s (scent-free) Commando Shaving Oil a shot.
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Jacob Thomas at 20 Feb 2015

Great article. We can all appreciate quality grooming- All the guys I know swear by the beard oil from Detroit Grooming Company Best beard grooming products on the market for sure.

Adrian at 23 Apr 2015

Jacob Thomas- I've tried this company too! also has mustache wax and pomade that has helped my grooming game big time.

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