10 Ways Being Single Can Be Great


The recent revelation that Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin is single sent waves of disbelief through the female NBA fan population. How was it possible that the most popular basketball player in Asia—and one pulling in $15 million a year, at that—hasn’t been dating anyone at all for the last few years? (After all, if the below photo is any indication, he clearly has no trouble with the ladies). Perhaps it’s because he chooses to—there are many benefits to staying stag when you’re in your mid-twenties. We offer a 10-point salute to the dudes who refuse to be tied down with reasons to remain single you may not have thought of.


More responsibility
With no one else around to help you make decisions, whether your win or fail at the game of life falls squarely on your shoulders—and that’s a good thing. This can be a boon for decisive and motivated men, or an object lesson for guys who need to improve in that respect.

A healthier outlook on women
Coming in contact with a variety women ranging in personality and passion will remind you that not all women are alike—or exactly like your ex-girlfriend.

Time to define your needs
Many guys rush into relationships for fear of being alone, only to end up miserably cuffed. Time spent improving professionally and personally can help you figure out what type of person you can be with long-term.

You’ll learn patience
Valuing your independence will teach you to move more slowly in all aspects of your life—whether that means starting a new relationship or accepting a new job. You’ll be happier with your well thought out decisions in the long term.

Find financial security
It’s better you learn to properly budget your time and money for yourself before making the leap and involving another person. Laying a strong foundation financially will make your next relationship that much less stressful.

Create a social circle
It’s a fact that people in relationships are less likely to go out, and not just for beers with buddies. You’ll have more time for networking events and schmoozing with the right people, which is a huge benefit in today’s struggling job economy.

No deadlines
The pressures of a relationship won’t be there to distract you from your current goals, especially those big milestones (marriage, a house, kids) that you haven’t gotten to quite yet.

You can rest easy
We need a certain amount of alone time to recharge from our daily lives, and you’ll have more of it if you’re single. This is especially great for busy types who may prefer de-stressing in isolation.

You’ll be better at saying “no”
Relationships are about compromise—and they train you to give in more often. As a single man, you’ll be more assertive when it comes to your wants and needs.

Stress is yours alone

For better or worse, the fewer people you share your life with, the less stressed you’ll feel. Plus, there’s less likelihood of you taking things out on your partner when you have a hard day.
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