QUOTED: Terrence Ross Goes On The Record About NBA Trash Talk


After last night’s Toronto Raptors win over the Detroit Pistons, we caught up with the high-flying Terrence Ross for a few words about the more verbal side of the game—trash talk included. Herein, find out who the 2014 slam dunk champion says he thinks is the mouthiest player in the league, who the Raps’ star communicator is and more.


Photo: NBA.com

Who is the biggest talker on the Raptors in terms of communicating plays?
Kyle [Lowry]. Always talking, he knows every play on our team. He usually tries to keep everybody up to date, tell them what’s going to happen, talking to people before another play starts up.

Which Raptor loves to talk trash and get into opponents’ heads?
I don’t think anybody, really.

That’s humbling. Who’s the biggest talker on the bench?
Chuck [Hayes]. He’s always trying to get into somebody’s head.

You’ve played against them all. Who’s the biggest trash-talker in the league?
Kevin Garnett. For sure!

Is it just to you?
To whoever. [Laughs] Whoever he looks at!

Who’s the biggest trash-talker to have covered you?
[I don’t know.] I don’t think too many people.

Compared to the NBA, do you find more trash talk in high school or college ball?
It depends on who you know. If the [college] players have a relationship, then of course.

Unwritten NBA rule: a rookie’s not allowed to trash talk, no matter how good they are. True or false?


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