Stylish Pocket Knives For Everyday Carry

Think that smartphone in your pocket is going to help you when you really need it? Men carried pocket knives to help get them out of life’s binds for generations before the digital age tricked us into thinking that we don’t need them anymore. The thing is, there are still many instances in which a functional folder can provide a guy with that extra edge he needs, whether he’s an outdoorsy survivalist or more of a style-conscious dude. Here are five pocket knives designed to be carried alongside your sharpest essentials.

Lightweight: Deejo Juniper Wood 37G

At an astoundingly light 37 grams, this folding knife from Deejo is slightly heavier than three credit cards combined. A slim handle in beautiful solid juniper wood handle houses the liner lock system for its uber-light 420 stainless steel drop point blade. It folds out to just over 20 centimetres, surprisingly long given its slight stature. 

Military-grade: IXL Wostenholm British Army Knife
Simplicity meets timeless style in this British Army Knife made completely out of stainless steel. The multifunctional device includes a 2.25-inch sheepsfoot-style blade, can opener, flathead bit and a marlin spike (used for tying knots). The quarter-inch-thick metal grip features a stamp of authenticity from Sheffield, one of the Britain’s oldest knife making cities.


All-around: Gerber EAB Pocket Knife
Appropriately dubbed the Exchange-A-Blade Pocket Knife, Gerber’s latest folder uses basic 1.7-inch utility blades that can be replaced as they grow duller—perfect for simple tasks like opening packages. The blade locks securely into the stainless steel handle, at which point its handsomely utilitarian design doubles as a money clip to stash your cash.


Adventurer: Striker Folding Knife
Skateboarding legend Geoff Rowley’s new outdoor gear company, Civilware USA, manufactures this rugged and compact Striker Folding Knife worthy of finding its way into your everyday rotation. It features a comfortable textured G10 handle, secure liner lock and a curved drop point blade that’s almost a shame to carry closed.


Traditional: Higo No Kami 10 by Nagao Seisakusho

The term “Higo no kami” can only legally refer to knives manufactured by one of Japan’s most successful blacksmithing guilds that dates back to the 19th century. This handmade pocket knife continues that tradition by staying true to its original minimal design. The three-inch blade is made of Warikomi steel and the handle is finished in brass.
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