Suit Inspiration From This Year’s Most Stylish Rookies


They grow up so fast, don’t they? When we first saw this year’s rookies, they were awkward teens with loose tie knots shrugging on sport jackets. Now much further into the season, not only are they playing more like professionals, they’re sporting sharp suits with the confidence to match. Herein, seven of this year’s best-dressed rooks provide us with some style inspiration (and a few lessons in style, while they’re at it).


Aaron Gordon keeps things tonal with this blue sharkskin suit, and his pattern game’s on-point. His necktie’s tight polka dots provides a neat contrast to the wider checks of his blue shirt.


The vest from a three-piece suit can easily stand on its own—consider it your other jacket. Dante Exum’s navy mid-layer complements his tie, which sets off the cool greys and blues of his outfit with a dash of orange.


Rodney Hood shows us the power of perfect tailoring—the suit keeps its shape, even when he’s on the bench.


DeAndre Daniels’ outfit provides a shining example of the perfect navy suit, a staple every man must have in his wardrobe for its go-anywhere, do-anything appeal. In this case, he’s heading to meet the President of the United States, so you know he did something right.


Black, grey and navy are classics, but Julius Randle colours outside the lines with an earthier suit. Subtle checks help make a statement, as does a perfectly imperfect self-tied bowtie. (Seriously, the less you try, the better they look).


With the right tailoring, your suit can stand on its own without a necktie or even an especially dressy button-up—just don’t fall victim to the T-shirt. Here, Jerami Grant pulls off the perfect casual suit, catching some side-eye from a teammate.


Navy is the old standby that goes with every occasion, so while we love it, every dude’s going to be sporting the blue hue. Consider a brighter colour, like cobalt, to help you stand out. Zach LaVine pairs his suit with a pair of equally lively orange-toned brown oxfords.
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