10-Day Contracts That May Sway 2015 Playoff Odds

Photo: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr/Creative Commons

It’s that time of year again. There are only a few more weeks left in the NBA’s regular season, and teams are signing players to 10-day contracts in an effort to secure their spots in the playoffs picture (or, at least, to soften their crash and burn). These mini-contracts may not look like much compared to the league’s full-time gigs, but here are the players who we think could make all the difference in this critical final stretch.

Seth Curry
After the Suns’ playoffs snub last season, the team, desperate not to miss playoffs five times in a row, has signed Steph Curry’s little brother, Seth Curry, for a 10-day contract. The player is the D-league’s second-best shooter (averaging 48 per cent from the field and 48.2 per cent from beyond the arc), as well as its best scorer from the free throw line (with a whopping 91.9 per cent shooting average). Curry’s shooting skill combined with his recent defensive improvements in the development league may help the 34-32 team score the eight spot.

Michael Beasley
Without LeBron James, the Miami Heat are fighting tooth and nail for a spot in the Eastern Conference’s playoffs bracket. They’re currently 29-35. To offset several high-profile gaps on their roster—Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic and Josh McRoberts, to name but a few—they’ve signed Michael Beasley on for a second 10-day stint. They’ll need the newly versatile player to step into Bosh’s shoes—something Beasley’s already done with some success over the past few games.

Nate Robinson
The LA Clippers have called on free agent Nate Robinson to fill in the gap left by Jamal Crawford, who’s out for the season alongside Blake Griffin—meaning that the Clippers would otherwise have to face one of the toughest Western Conferences in recent memory without two of their key players. During his 10-day contract, Robinson will bring 10 years of NBA experience to the table, including the time he proved instrumental in the Boston Celtics’ 2010 Finals push.

Jarell Eddie
The D-League’s rookie three-point champion, Jarell Eddie, has scored a 10-day contract with the Atlanta Hawks. Eddie’s a lightning-fast three-shooter—he hits on average 42 per cent of his attempts from beyond the arc, a complement to fellow three-point specialist Kyle Korver. Eddie also brings the Hawks an extra wing option and roster depth in Thabo Sefolosha’s absence.

Jabari Brown

The LA Lakers exercised a hardship clause to sign D-League All-Star Jabari Brown to a 10-day contract as their roster’s 16th man. Four of the team’s players are currently out for the season, including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Julius Randle and Ronnie Price, leaving the Lakers shorthanded and burdened with a 17-46 record. Brown is expected to mesh quickly with the team, having played with Jordan Clarkson for Missouri.
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