A Guy’s Guide To Mastering The Couple Selfie

Photo: Savannah James/Instagram

Since humanity’s days as a tribal society, public demonstrations of affection are one way guys have kept their relationships happy. It’s a behaviour hardwired into our brains to show the rest of the world that we’re off the market.That, in turn, translates into a much happier better half. However, what once was as simple as bringing your girlfriend the results of the day’s hunt has been complicated by technology. For better or for worse, social media’s recipe for a parsimonious partnership requires us to constantly share our shared experiences. To that end, here’s our guide to help you master the art of the couple selfie like NBA power couple LeBron and Savannah James.

Take control
As the guy, chances are you’re a bit taller than your gal. Put those long arms to good use by volunteering to take the photograph. Not only will it be chivalrous and let her focus on her pose, it has the added benefit of letting you end your impromptu photoshoot should it drag on long enough to reach your iCloud storage limit.

… but she has the final say
Is it good enough? Well, that’s not up to you. Women are more attuned to the various social cues that might be present in a photograph than guys, so the lady in the relationship wields photo veto power. She also gets the final say on when and on what social networks said selfie is posted to. Tough.

Do it often
No matter how strong or long-term a relationship, it’s human nature to seek assurance that your partner’s not looking for a better deal. In that vein, taking couple selfies regularly can be a fun experience that serves the purpose of letting your girl know that you’re not going anywhere. If you do let things slide, however, she’ll notice. Don’t let her notice.

Leave a comment
Social media requires users to communicate for it to be beneficial. Hint: so do real-life relationships. Lending your voice to the couple selfies you post is that small bit of effort that goes a long way toward making her feel special—even a quick heart emoji will do. Oh, and don’t forget to tag her. Obviously.

Go offline

There’s strutting your stuff for the rest of the world to see, and then there’s chronicling what might be your best times together. For every couple selfie you take for social media, take a few more for just the two of you. Each couple selfie still offers a bonding moment.
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