An Introduction To This Spring’s Must-Have Denim

There’s a reason denim pieces account for many of the style essentials every man ought to own. The strong fabric has a timeless quality that only ever gets better the more you wear it. This spring, however, you can stand to refresh your stock of the indigo-infused favourite. Here are the only new pieces you’ll need.

This season’s biggest trend: black jeans

Coloured denim has had its time in the sun. This spring witnesses a return to jet black jeans. They’re cool and effortless, plus their colour makes them easy to pull off with your other favourite denim garments in a more classic indigo—no more double denim syndrome. A pair of unwashed black Grim Tims from Nudie Jeans will develop a personalized swagger over time as they break in.

The new denim shirt

Denim shirts and their lighter, cooler cousins in chambray have gone largely unchanged since their inception as a workwear staple back in the day. However, the new and improved versions we’ve seen this season take the tough-as-nails fabric and update it with on-point prints. This particular snap-button shirt from Marco Nils has a fresh paisley print that’ll take you well into summer.

The toughest accessories money can buy

Silk? Please. How about something stronger? The fabric that goes into selvedge cotton pocket squares (like these from The Common-Folk) is produced using old-school denim weaving techniques on shuttle looms, making the resulting piece of haberdashery exceptionally sturdy—not unlike your favourite pair of jeans. 

The rugged kicks

Minimalist sneakers are on the upswing. Now, you could get your fix with traditional white kicks, but where’s the fun in that? Footwear infused with denim’s classic good looks will go with everything in your wardrobe just as well. Case in point: these neutral Vans slip-ons from the label’s latest collab with J.Crew.

The classic jacket

Some things you just don’t mess with. Many brands make jean jackets, but none have fully approached the benchmark set by the original Levis Trucker. Made to the same specifications as the original Trucker from 1962, this investment piece is the buy now, wear forever type with raw denim construction that will mould to your body’s shape.
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