Russell Westbrook’s Mask Results In Epic Meme

Russell Westbrook returned to play after sustaining a facial fracture that forced him to sit out a game last Sunday—not that he’d let an injury get in the way of racking up his fourth-straight triple-double last night against the unsuspecting Philadelphia 76ers. The source of his power? It’s probably that protecting mask the NBA has him wearing. When word surfaced earlier this week that the Oklahoma City Thunder guard would likely be forced to wear the face gear, the internet predictably responded by creating wild and fantastic memes. Herein, we found the funniest mock-ups of the basketball player and his new face protection.

Photo: CBS Sports/Twitter

Westbrook gets the Jim Carrey treatment with this throwback to The Mask.

Photo: NBA on TNT/Twitter

As one of the most stylish ballers in the NBA, it makes sense that Westbrook would want to switch up the NBA-standard clear plastic mask for something more—fashionable.

Photo: Bill Walton/Twitter

Surprisingly, fans didn’t cast Westbrook as a masked superhero as often as you’d think. The closest thing we saw to a crime-fighting character was this tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s staff-wielding Donatello.

Photo: Bleacher Report/Twitter

After Skynet gains self awareness on Aug. 29, 1997, Westbrook brings humanity to its knees as an unstoppable, time-traveling instrument of the machines. (Humanity’s totally screwed).

Photo: Steve McPherson/Twitter

If basketball doesn’t work out, Westbrook has a future in the rap industry. MF Westbrook, anyone?

Photo: Steve McPherson/Twitter

And if rap doesn’t work out, the opera might take him instead.
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