The NBA’s Most Expensive Yachts

There’s rich, and then there’s owning-your-own-yacht rich. A relative few people on earth can say they fall into the latter category. Surprisingly, few professional basketball players’ paycheques get them even close to scoring their own private vessel. You’ll have to look to the NBA’s top brass if you’re looking for sea captains. Check out these epic ships belonging to basketball’s richest team owners.

Photo: Getallinfo/WikiMedia/Creative Commons

Paul Allen
Owner: Portland Trail Blazers

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is famous for being a yachting enthusiast. He has owned four of the largest yachts in the world—Octopus, Tatoosh, Meduse and Charade. Currently, only Octopus is verifiably under his possession. The $200-million yacht measures in at 126 metres and costs roughly $20 million annually to maintain, according to The Observer. It can also hold two helicopters and six submarines. Tatoosh, a 92-metre superyacht, was put on the market for $162 million a few years ago.

Mikhail Prokhorov
Owner: Brooklyn Nets

In addition to a private jets and other billionaire’s toys, Mikhail Prokhorov owns two yachts (that we know of). His smallest, the 62-metre Solemar, is a superyacht built by Amels. Palladium is the grandest of his collection, a 94-metre superyacht built by Blohm and Voss. Launched in 2010, it features a swimming pool and room for 36 guests.

Photo: Albireo 2006/Flickr

Mark Cuban
Owner: Dallas Mavericks

One would think the business-savvy Mark Cuban would steer clear of money sinks like yachts, but he purchased Fountainhead in 2012 after having it built a year earlier. (Yes, that’s an Ayn Rand reference). The boat’s almost 90 metres long, making it one of the 100 biggest yachts in the world. According to The Next Miami, Cuban keeps it moored behind the Epic Hotel in Miami.

Photo: Cuxclipper/Flickr

Micky Arison
Owner: Miami Heat

Micky Arison owns two motor yachts more than 200 feet in length: the Sirona III and the Mylin IV. The former Oceanfast superyacht measures in at 56.4 metres. The 61-metre-long Mylin is the largest of his yachts and was built by Royal van Lent for his father, Ted Arison, who named it after his wife, Lin. We should note that Ted founded Carnival Cruise Lines—it seems that boating runs in the family.

Michael Jordan
Owner: Charlotte Hornets

The greatest basketball player to have ever lived owns a yacht called Mister Terrible, and it’s actually available for charter. Michael Jordan’s 47-metre-long megayacht is an art-deco masterpiece with an outdoor dining area and a dining room fitted with a chandelier.
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