The Ultimate Grooming Upgrade

Your father taught you how to shave. But now that you’ve grown older, wiser and ostensibly more stylish, that old cartridge razor your old man gave you for your 16th birthday just won’t cut it anymore. Nor will that bar of harsh sport-scented soap. The fix? We put together this kit of must-have modern grooming products that every guy needs to take his morning routine to the next level. With these in your medicine cabinet, we’d be surprised if you couldn’t teach pop a thing or two about looking great.

Edwin Jagger DE89BA11GBL DE Razor

Never mind the complicated name—if this looks like your dad’s safety razor, that’s a good thing. Edwin Jagger’s tried-and-true double-edge razor has been updated for an even more discriminating generation, providing a superior wet shave with a closed comb head and tarnish-free gold plating.

Portland General Store Shave Kit with Whiskey Wet Shave Puck

An unbreakable apothecary bowl is the cornerstone of any grooming kit. Portland General Store’s enamelware receptacle helps keep your lather warm while the included wet shave puck infuses your regimen with the sweet scent of whiskey.

Baxter of California Shave Tonic

This shave tonic courtesy of Baxter of California prepares your mug for the best possible session. Add it to your pre-shave warm towel treatment to soften your beard, or apply it to your face with a cold towel post-shave to close up your pores and soothe any irritation.

Cutthroat Shaving Company Hell Bent for Leather Aftershave

This small-batch aftershave from Cutthroat Shaving Company features hints of tobacco, leather and patchouli—a manly combination that might remind your dad of his dad. In addition to soothing your skin, the tonic’s antiseptic properties help keep your face clean and healthy.

King’s Crown 1774 Micro Derm Cleanser

This King’s Crown facial cleanser uses micro-dermabrasion crystals to remove dead skin, soften your beard and remove impurities to keep you looking fresh-faced. It’s gentle enough that you’ll be able to use it twice daily, in the morning and before you hit the sack.

Badrick’s Lock, Stock and Barrel

For the rest of your body, grab a bar of Badrick’s tobacco- and vanilla-scented Lock, Stock and Barrel. Useable as both a shampoo and a body cleanser, it cleans, moisturizes and fights infection with a dose of vitamins and invigourating tea tree oil.

Evolution Man Moisture Protect SPF 20

Some moisturizers can leave your face shiny and feeling greasy, but Evolution Man’s oil-free formula keeps things dry while giving your mug a dose of what it needs. Bonus: it has anti-aging properties that keep your skin supple and reduce wrinkles.

Côte&Ciel Lagoon Spa Pouch

Take your essentials with you. This waterproof neoprene pouch from Côte&Ciel has enough give to fit all your goods and features a detachable strap that can be hung wherever you need it, even in the shower.
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