The New 10 Wealthiest Players In The NBA

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Wealth-X, a global intelligence authourity that keeps tabs on the world’s richest people, has recently revised its ranking of the NBA’s most loaded players. And let’s just say that LeBron James won’t like it.

1. Kobe Bryant
Estimated net worth: $290 million
The 36-year-old is the NBA’s highest-paid player with an annual salary of $23.5 million this season, according to Wealth-X’s report. Another $31 million of his wealth comes from endorsement deals, and that was enough to take the top spot from King James.

2. LeBron James
Estimated net worth: $280 million
The 30-year-old is the NBA’s second-highest earner (at just over $20.6 million* a year), but he’s the proud owner of the league’s most lucrative collection of endorsement deals, netting him an extra $70 million, according to Wealth-X. In 2013, sales of his signature Nike shoes topped $300 million, according to Forbes.

3. Kevin Garnett
Estimated net worth: $240 million
Garnett only nets $12 million* in annual salary, with Forbes reporting a kicker of $3 million in endorsements on the side. The 38-year-old’s massive valuation likely comes a result of playing in the NBA for more than half his life—19 years is plenty of time to accrue that much wealth.

4. Dwyane Wade
Estimated net worth: $160 million
Wade’s $15 million annual salary* is just a few million more than Forbes says he earns in endorsements ($11 million). He recently scored stakes in Li-Ning, a Chinese athletic apparel company, further boosting his earnings.

5. Tim Duncan
Estimated net worth: $150 million
The San Antonio Spurs’ frontman earns a comparatively paltry sum of $10 million a year*, ranking him 60th in top NBA salaries. Duncan also earned $2 million from endorsement contracts, according to Forbes.

*According to, 2014-15 season

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the next most valuable players in the NBA:

6. Paul Pierce
Estimated net worth: $130 million
7. Vince Carter
Estimated net worth: $130 million
8. Dirk Nowitzki
Estimated net worth: $120 million
9. Ray Allen
Estimated net worth: $120 million
10.  Carmelo Anthony
Estimated net worth: $110 million
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KoolTone at 11 Dec 2015

Kobe is the man so it's not strange to me

KoolTone at 11 Dec 2015

Kobe is the man so it's not strange to me

Octavio Ramirez at 14 Jan 2017

Who cares! If their that rich how come they can't sign autographs for free.

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