The Ugliest Trash Talk Of Round 1: Off-Court Edition

Photo: Wale/Instagram

Some would say that trash talk is on its way out as the NBA gets more touchy about that professionalism thing, but there are no rules governing non-players taking the veritable art form into their own hands—not many, anyway. These fans pulled no verbal punches off the court.

Wale: ‘If u reading this you’ve been swept’
Ate their words: No

As if Toronto didn’t already receive enough of a thumping from Paul Pierce and the Washington Wizards, rapper Wale piled on with post-game jeers aimed at Drake, the Raptors’ global ambassador. The Wizards fan gave Drake a shoutout on Instagram, making reference to the (arguably, better) rapper’s album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Pierce posted a similar meme on Facebook after the 4-0 blowout.

Draymond Green’s mom: see Twitter
Ate their words: No

Green is a known trash talker on the court, but apparently he gets the gift/curse from his mom. Mary Babers-Green has turned to Twitter to live-tweet Golden State Warriors games in their series against the New Orleans Pelicans and drop some verbal bombs in the process. A quick scan of her feed shows tweets aimed at the Pelicans, sports writers, broadcasters and more—really, anybody she perceives to be among Draymond’s detractors. It appears to be working, as Golden State racked up the fourth W they needed to sweep the Pelicans Saturday night.

Boston fans: ‘LeBron’s a bitch’—and more
Ate their words: Yes

Boston was down 2-0 ahead of their Game 3 against the favoured Cleveland Cavaliers, making it a must-win affair. In kind, Celtics fans did their utmost to discourage LeBron James’ team—and boy, did it get ugly. One (reportedly) nice girl shouted “LeBron’s a bitch” and other fans launched every epithet under the sun against LeBron. Unfortunately for them, their words were fuel for LeBron’s fire and Boston fans didn’t catch on until it was too late. The Cavs won 103-95 and would ultimately sweep the series.

Chris Trew: ‘You don’t need it. Let us have it.’
Ate their words: Yes

Standup comic and New Orleans fan Trew has gained notoriety for distracting teams visiting the Smoothie King Centre from a seat right behind the opponent’s bench. This postseason, the Golden State Warriors have become his latest target. Looking back a little before the playoffs, Trew had a bit going with the aforementioned Draymond Green:

Green: “There’s no way you will win this game tonight.”
Trew: “You don’t need it. Let us have it.”

Long story short, Green and the Warriors didn’t let them “have it” come postseason.

Raptors GM Masai Ujiri: ‘We don’t give a shit about it‘
Ate their words: Yes

Ujiri was busy firing up the Toronto Raptors faithful in Maple Leaf Square ahead of his team’s Game 1 matchup with the Washington Wizards when he dropped the S-bomb, drawing a $35,000 fine for public obscenity. Ujiri’s poor choice of words attempted to disarm arch-rival Paul Pierce’s earlier comment that the Raptors didn’t have the “it” they’d need to advance in the playoffs. Pierce proved prophetic, as the Raptors were swept 4-0 Sunday night—and Ujiri’s bravado has left him that much poorer.
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