5 Postseason Records That Fell Before Finals This Year

Every year, the playoffs return bigger and better than the year before, leaving only shattered historic records in their wake. Here are five new postseason highs set ahead of basketball’s greatest contest, the NBA Finals.

Steph Curry
Most three-pointers in a single postseason: 73+

Reggie Miller set the record for most three-pointers in a single game during the 2000 NBA Playoffs, when he splashed down a total of 58. NBA MVP Stephen Curry recently surpassed this mark in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Impressively, while it took Miller 22 games to get there, it took Curry only 13. As of press time, the Warriors shooter has recorded 73, and the postseason is far from over. Curry still has what is sure to be a long finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers ahead of him.
James Harden

Most turnovers in a single playoff game: 13
The last time any NBA player recorded more than 10 turnovers in a single playoff game, it was 1979 and New Jersey Nets guard John Williamson dropped the ball 11 times. James Harden recently took the title for himself after committing a total of 13 turnovers during the Houston Rockets’ ultimately doomed Game 5 against the Golden State Warriors. It’s not the first Harden’s gotten into turnover trouble, either. In 2013, he turned over the ball 10 times in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

DeAndre Jordan
Most free throws attempted in a single postseason half: 28
Back in 2000, the hack-a-Shaq strategy awarded the technique’s eponymous free throw bricker Shaquille O’Neal with 39 total free throw attempts. Similarly targeted during the L.A. Clippers’ Game 4 against the Rockets, DeAndre Jordan walked to the charity strip a whopping 36 times. (That’s almost six minutes of free throws, folks.) Of those 36, Jordan attempted 28 of them in the first half, beating Shaq’s previous half record. Unfortunately, only 10 of those shots actually landed.

Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors
Most combined three-point goals/attempts in a single playoff game: 37/38
In the 1996 NBA Playoffs, the Seattle SuperSonics and Houston combined for a total of 33 three-point shots in a single game. Similarly, the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings attempted a total of 68 during the 2001 playoffs. Both records were shattered during Golden State’s Game 4 against Houston. Opposing sharpshooters Steph Curry and James Harden led their teams to a combined total of 37 made three-pointers for 78 attempts.

Honourable mention: LeBron James
Second-most playoff triple-doubles: 13

Beating out baller-turned-coach Jason Kidd, Cleveland’s LeBron James scored his 13th career playoff triple-double in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, LeBron trails only Magic Johnson in the all-time charts—by 17. The standing record seems so ridiculously unattainable that we’re inclined to give Bronny the pat on the back anyway.
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