The Best NBA Playoffs Beards This Year

The playoff beard is a time-honoured tradition in our neck of the woods—Canada, where hockey rules the land. However, the phenomenon seems to be catching on among the more follicularly gifted players in the NBA as well. We’ve caught a few typically fresh-faced ballers padding out their mugs with bushy beards and soup strainers of all types during the 2015 NBA Playoffs, so we put together three of our favourite facial transformations.

Matthew Dellavedova

Ah, Delly. Last time we spoke to the good-natured Australian, he was freshly picked up by the Cleveland Cavaliers, 22-years-old and sporting mere stubble at best. He’s still turning around games in the last quarter, but this time he’s doing so in the high stakes environment of the playoffs. Enter his new beard. Dellavedova started growing out his facial hair during Movember 2014, and never stopped. Now, he’s got a face full of scruff that makes him look tougher than your average Aussie. By all appearances, opposing players and his teammates are now starting to take the sophomore’s physical game more seriously on the court, leading us to think he ought to keep it around.

Chris Paul

The preppy Chris Paul almost always sports a moustache that complements his clean-cut style. However, we’ve noticed him going full-beard during the playoffs. He sported a patchy number throughout the Clippers’ confrontation with the Houston Rockets, ratcheting up his toughness by enough points to walk onto the court in Game 3 after suffering a hamstring injury. Unfortunately, there was only room for one beard on the court, and the James Harden-led Rockets took the series in seven.

Mike Muscala

When Muscala wasn’t rocking a soul patch of scruff during the regular season, he was almost comically bald-chinned. However, for at least Game 5 of the Atlanta Hawks’ series against the Washington Wizards, Muscala left his razor at home. The result? Some fittingly aggressive off-the-bench play that helped the Hawks clinch an 82-81 victory. That’s the power of the beard, folks.
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