Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Players And Fans During The 2015 NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are the penultimate competition in basketball. Players are stressed, fans are jittery and the anxiety is palpable. That’s why we like to consider the Jimmy Kimmel Show’s now-annual pilgrimage to the competition a public service. The show’s visit cuts the tension by playing pranks on fans and players alike for our entertainment with two segments: Guillermo at the NBA Finals Media Day and Lie Witness News.

Guillermo Rodriguez, a returning accomplice, heads out every year to be the show’s boots on the ground during media day. In this year’s bit, he pranked members of the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers hard. The clip opens with Guillermo using a basketball as a microphone during a scrum with Cavs guard Iman Shumpert. Clearly annoyed, Shump tried his best to ignore Guillermo’s attempts to level-measure his flat-top and interrupt the session by shaking his hand.

Other players that were having none of it included Kendrick Perkins from the Cavs, who pointedly refused to reveal which Disney princess he is, and LeBron James, who outright ignored the affable media personality at several points. (Guillermo later asked teammate Timofey Mozgov if James is mean to him like he’s mean to the reporter.) Not to be discouraged, Rodriguez got the exclusive by FatBoothing a video image of James.

Rodriguez also trolled several players by asking them to sign not his basketball, but his basketball net. The Warriors’ Leandro Barbosa (“Mr. Barbecue”) fell victim to the ridiculous ask, as did the Cavs’ J.R. Smith.

Things almost fell apart when Tristan Thompson seemed to recognize Guillermo at a Q&A session. Not to be turned away, Guillermo interrupted the scrum with one of his famous (and super awkward) minute-long hugs. “This feel nice,” he quipped. He also gave a lingering embrace to Curry, but not before the Warriors superstar bent down to ensure his voice was being picked up by Rodriguez’s basketball.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show didn’t spare fans, either.

In their Lie Witness News segment, the show’s crew trolls people by asking their opinions on made-up things that sound somewhat plausible.

First, they went to Oakland to catch Warriors fans claiming knowledge of ridiculous situations ranging from LeBron James changing his name to Michael Jordan and the Cavs’ One Direction defence losing Zayn Malik, to starting L. Ron Hubbard and the bitter rivalry between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

One fan did outsmart the producers, however, calling them out during an interview about the NBA’s new rule that states at least one white man per team must always be on the court.

To be fair to the Bay Area, the show also traveled east to prank Cleveland fans.

Surprise, surprise—the Finals’ new 12-game format was a hot topic, one Cavs fan knew all about LeBron James’ cousin Kevin joining the roster and, apparently, scores are now being leaked ahead of the games like Game of Thrones episodes.

Now, if only we knew what was going to happen during tonight’s Game 6. Think you can help us out, Jimmy?
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