Master Beach Style This Summer

There’s something about the promise of surf and sand that makes it easy to overthink your outfit during a trip to the ocean. We all know the rookie mistakes—too-long swimsuits, basketball sneakers in the sand, socks and sandals—but all it takes is a few stylish upgrades to turn your vacation garb up a notch. Look below for some style moves you should steal from the best-dressed ballers on the beach.

Printed trunks

Take a page out of Omri Casspi’s book and grab a pair of swim trunks in a gutsy geometric print (although we’re also partial to florals). They’ll ensure that you stand out in the surf. Oh, and the hems of your trunks should hit just above the knees, even if you’re not a 6-foot-9 small forward.

Bucket hats

There’s no doubt that Panama hats are kicking sand in the face of the once-ubiquitous straw fedora these days, but bucket hats are back in our good graces courtesy of high fashion’s renewed obsession with streetwear. Often made of crushable cotton that’s easy to stow in your bag, the right boonie will keep the heat off your head and the sun out of your eyes. Go for a bright, colour-blocked motif like Anthony Davis here, or grab one in an eye-catching floral print.

Beach totes

Omri Casspi’s beach game is so strong, he makes two appearances on this list. Leave your sweaty gym duffel in the locker room and grab an oversized beach tote like his. The right roomy bag can contain all the makings of a beach party, including a towel, sunglasses, sandals and sunscreen. However, you can still use them as a go-to rucker when you’re back in the city—a leather bottom panel will help sell it at the office.

Surfer tanks

Okay, guys, here’s the rule: no long sleeves on the beach. None, nada. We recommend showing off those guns with a bright surfer tank top like Martell Webster’s. The classic A-shirt is flattering on most body types and will help keep you cool. If things get chillier when the sun takes a dive, pull on an unstructured (that is, unlined) blazer to keep the beach party going.

Minimalist footwear

This season’s best footwear choices are espadrilles and minimal white sneaks. Wear the former—the light canvas slip-ons you see Tobias Harris rocking—when you’re hitting the sand, and the latter when you’re on the boardwalk like Nazr Mohammed. Both will keep you looking (and feeling) cool. As for those socks, leave them in the closet along with your Jordans. Invest in a little foot powder and you’re set for the summer.
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