Steph Curry’s Best Moves In The 2015 NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry has become one of the most celebrated players of the year. It could have something to do with the record-breaking 98 three-pointers he scored during the championship series, or the well-deserved MVP honours bestowed upon him. He can also be considered one of the most dependable players in the association, and easily one of the best point guards to have ever lived—and that’s coming from legendary PG Steve Nash. For us, however, it’s all about his entertaining and effortless game. Here are seven of the NBA Champion’s most mind-blowing plays from the 2015 NBA Finals series.

The behind-the-back, crossover, fadeaway three-pointer: Game 5

When Curry and LeBron James were trading shots in the second half of Game 5, the Warriors point guard responding by thoroughly trouncing Matthew Dellavedova. He made the Australian dance before scoring the fadeaway three-pointer. And how about that scowl at the end?

The steal: Game 1
In one of the most lively conversions of the series, Steph stole the ball during a failed Iman Shumpert pass at the half-court line and turned it into a step-back three.


The deep dagger: Game 5

Just when things didn’t look like they could get any worse for the Cavs, Curry sinks a three-point shot from way out deep. With Curry’s help, the Warriors dominated the fourth quarter throughout much of the series.

The corner shot: Game 4
Steph Curry loves hitting his threes from the left corner. While other players may struggle shooting from that particular zone, it’s one of Curry’s best, period—he delivers 60 per cent or more of the time from there.


The real MVP: Game 1
Curry flexed his newly minted MVP title by going toe-to-toe with four-time MVP LeBron James in Game 1. A wicked crossover, spin and pump fake is all it took to topple the King.


The fast break getaway: Game 4

Curry grabbed a board after a failed Cavs shot and runs down the court with his usual effortlessness. As he’s running, James Jones attempts to pick him—resulting in a collision between him and teammate Matthew Dellavedova. Nothing looks cooler than laying one up after that happens.

The thunder from down under: Game 1

Curry found himself on the receiving end of Matthew Dellavedova’s pesky defence early on in the series. Of course, there’s not much you can do against the FMVP. This dance routine marked the first of many future instances in which Curry’d do battle with Delly.

BONUS: The championship moment

Curry was rewarded for his amazing moves out on the court with one of the greatest honours an NBA player can hope to achieve: the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Take it all in, Steph.
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