What If Fashion Brands Won The NBA’s Jersey Contract?


Nike recently scored an eight-year deal to make uniforms for the NBA after Adidas indicated it will allow its contract to lapse in 2017. According to Bloomberg Business, Nike is paying roughly $1 billion for the opportunity that will also make it the first the apparel brand to have its logo appear on all on-court designs (unlike Adidas, whose clothes remained relatively anonymous during its partnership with the association).

The news gives us an even greater appreciation for style on the court. Much in the same vein, Bleacher Report’s Media Lab teamed up with fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison to create mashups of NBA jerseys as they would appear if they were made by certain brands, from Versace to Hood By Air. She coupled each team’s personal swagger with the looks that make each designer famous for these 10 original concepts.


L.A. Lakers x Versace
With at least one player a consummate fan of the Italian fashion house—and a particularly flashy one, at that—Morrison decked the Lakers out in Versace. The gold and purple of the team’s uniforms lend themselves readily to the company’s trademark all-over filigree.


Miami Heat x Moschino
Italian fashion company Moschino is known for being as clean and colourful as it is eccentric, making the Miami Heat—three-time NBA champions whose play offers an elegant mix of style and substance—the perfect fit for this pop culture-infused rebrand. Bonus points to Morrison for her nod to Dwyane Wade’s infamous flip-up sunglasses.


Golden State Warriors x Hood by Air
The Bay Area is a magnet for the street style-meets-high fashion vibes that New York label Hood by Air hits right on the money, making the Golden State Warriors a likely match-up for this revamped uniform featuring the company’s trademark bold horizontal stripes and three-letter labels/logos.


New York Knicks x Public School
Basketball—or, more specifically, the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets—provides much of the inspiration behind New York brand Public School’s sporty look, from minimal jerseys to layered basketball shorts. Outfitting their hometown heroes in the company’s stuff just makes sense (and looks great, too).


Oklahoma City Thunder x Balmain
What can we say? Russell Westbrook, basketball style icon, has an incurable affection for the type of loud, printed shirts and sports-inspired tech wear that French fashion house Balmain peddles in.


Chicago Bulls x Dolce & Gabbana
If there’s one way the Chicago Bulls’ play style can be described, it’s bold. Makes sense for Morrison to outfit the team in the bold digital and textural prints that Milan’s opulent D&G is known for. The crown in the drawing may be an allusion to a D&G piece studded with Swarovski crystals that made headlines a few years ago.


San Antonio Spurs x Saint Laurent
A few of Saint Laurent’s trademarks are present in this concept for the San Antonio Spurs, including the brand’s famous stripes and prints. A little classic, a little rock-n-roll—perfect fit.


Boston Celtics x Dries Van Noten
Like the clothes of Belgium’s Dries Van Noten, the Celtics fell out of favour in the 90s only to come back in style during the mid- 2000s with fresh, younger look. This uniform incorporates a few of the designer’s favourite flourishes, including the use of complex floral motifs.


L.A. Clippers x Givenchy
Chris Paul’s already a fan of French haute couture brand Givenchy, making this uniform concept a no-brainer. On display are the brand’s signature layering and prints teamed with an allusion to the Clippers’ short-sleeved alternate team uniform.


Washington Wizards x Balenciaga

Morrison redid the Wizards’ uniform with a drapey, elongated silhouette in an edgy floral print reminiscent of Balenciaga’s 2013 spring/summer menswear collection.
Illustrations: Meagan Morrison/@TravelWriteDraw 
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