The Most Stylish Rookies In The 2015 NBA Draft

With the level of media attention focused on the NBA Draft and its crop of up-and-coming basketball talent, it pays for the initiates to dress to the nines as they’re trooped out to discover which franchise they’ll be playing for. For some of the youngsters, it’s their very first suit—and it shows. Others, however, are naturally stylish dressers destined to become fashion icons in the association. Looking back at their menswear moments leading up to their selection for professional teams, we believe these five top picks in the 2015 draft have what it takes to contend off the court as well as on it.

D’Angelo Russell

In a league where a unique haircut is the ultimate branding device, number two draft pick D’Angelo Russell’s toned-down high-top is about as fresh and clean as they get. He looks great in preppy suits—classics like this Glen check number and playful, Montauk-ready sport coats like the red one he wore on Draft Day included—but a peek at his Instagram account reveals a plethora of rare kicks, leading us to believe he’s a sneakerhead at heart.

Emmanuel Mudiay

Selected seventh overall, Zaire native Emmanuel Mudiay’s style approaches that of NBA icon Chris Paul. His effortless brand combines slimmed-down, light wash jeans, buttoned-down shirts and fresh jackets for a street-inspired take on collegiate prep that clearly draws inspiration from his time spent playing abroad in China.

Justise Winslow

For a master class in minimalist, just take a look at number 10 pick Justise Winslow’s wardrobe. He displays an affection for monochromatic colour schemes with a uniform often consisting of mixing and matching black and white T-shirts, shorts, joggers and kicks, with the odd punch of red and blue to liven things up. As street style-savvy as his digs look, though, his Instagram shows a predilection with dressed-up shoes, from Oxfords to brogues. We approve.

Devin Booker

The suit may make the man, but the accessories make the baller. Devin Booker, selected 13th overall, has a thing for the latter—Rolex timepieces, Ferragamo belts and on-point pocket square pins (seriously, just look above) punctuate his Instagram with a slice of the high life he’ll soon be living.

Cameron Payne

A young Nick Young is who we consider 14th overall pick Cameron Payne, a bold 20-year-old out of Memphis, Tenn. who may actually be more adventurous than Russell Westbrook when it comes to wearing prints. We’ve seen him kill it in camouflage, floral, tribal, tropical—you name it—with equal IDGAF attitude. Keep it up.
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