The NBA’s Next Top Menswear Influencers

For years now, Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and other stylish ballers comprising the NBA’s old-guard fashion icons have pushed basketballers and their fans to dress better—and as far as we’re concerned, they deserve to be thanked for every on-point outfit they’ve inspired. However, there’s a new class of stylish player coming to town. The time has come for these four players who have long sat in the wings of fashion shows to take the lead and make their own lasting marks in the world of menswear.

The champion: Stephen Curry
Following in the footsteps of: LeBron James

Golden State Warriors superstar and MVP Stephen Curry is poised to become the league’s next best-dressed man—winning the NBA Finals has a funny way of doing that. Curry’s already in a partnership with fashion retailer Express and, like his moves on the court, his Instagram game is catching up to LeBron’s. On the sneaker front, Curry’s already helped apparel brand Under Armour’s stock grow 21.1 per cent since winning his championship title, according to FactSet, and roughly 41 per cent in total since signing him. Only a handful of other players have done anything similar, and their names are LeBron and Michael Jordan. Let that sink in.

The critic: Amar’e Stoudemire
Following in the footsteps of: Carmelo Anthony

Known for his stylish persona but never quite as big (or flashy) a name as Westbrook, Amar’e Stoudemire is long overdue to be the next NBA player to be taken as seriously as he deserves in the fashion industry—and we mean beyond dressing in his trademark sharp suits and modeling. He’s putting his style chops to good use with a stint blogging and critiquing Paris Fashion Week for Esquire, where the Dallas Mavericks star has reviewed headlining shows from Rick Owens and Hood By Air, to Balmain and Philip Lim 3.1.

The businessman: Andre Iguodala
Following in the footsteps of: Dwyane Wade

After helping the Golden State Warriors score an NBA title, the great yet underrated fashion icon Andre Iguodala is set to blow up this summer. (And he has a plan for doing just that.) According to an interview with Fast Company, he’s already taken step one by accepting the role of menswear style director at online clothing reseller Twice. The move was inspired by the likes of Dwyane Wade and other ballers dominating the fashion industry, so we expect a similarly bright future for the versatile player.


The designer: Tyson Chandler
Following in the footsteps of: Russell Westbrook

You may have guessed that some of these fellas were just around the corner from hitting it big in fashion, but veteran Tyson Chandler is a bit of a fashion dark horse in a field dominated by younger bucks. Already a snappy dresser, Chandler has entered the world of fashion more formally by co-designing a new line of sunglasses with his sister, Kimberly. It worked for Westbrook, so it can certainly work for him.
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