What NBA Players Can Teach Us About Sharing Your Relationship On Social Media

It’s not uncommon for the average guy to find himself in hot water with his girlfriend for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, forgetting an anniversary, or not minding what (or who) he’s staring at. However, it wasn’t until the advent of social media that one small mistake had the potential to go viral to thousands of followers. To help keep you out of the #doghouse, we found five NBA players who offer excellent examples of how you should and shouldn’t conduct yourself online when in a relationship.

Draw boundaries
Successful relationships have well-defined limits, and so should the all-seeing eye of your iPhone camera. Places that should be considered out of bounds: the bathroom, places of shared significance and your bedroom—maybe someone should mention that last one to James Harden’s girlfriend, Farrah Flossit, who recently took a snap of her guy in bed. Pushing the boundaries sounds cute, but your relationship could take a serious hit in the trust department.

Don’t let social media take you out of the moment
Who doesn’t love sharing their big relationship milestones on social media? Just don’t get so caught up in recording that Hyperlapse for posterity that you end up celebrating with your smartphone glued to your face. Take a page out of Nick Young and Iggy Azalea’s book: after getting engaged, they partied with friends and family before sharing the news with the masses later that night. If you really want to capture the moment, ask a friend.

Share what matters
When he was dating two women, Lou Williams openly shared his relationship status paying no heed to the critics. There’s a good lesson in there. Social media has become another facet of the social contract—even if your situation’s a bit more conventional, sharing status updates featuring you and your partner often helps build trust and intimacy. On the flip side, it’ll raise questions about your commitment if your Instagram feed has a noticeable shortage of photos of your significant other.

Seriously, leave no doubts
Cleveland Cavaliers star Matthew Dellavedova blew up overnight during the playoffs, leaving many ladies wondering: is he single? Building on our earlier point, he nipped that line of questioning in the bud by posting a photograph of him and his girlfriend, Anna Schroeder, celebrating their two-year anniversary. He may have crushed some hopeful hearts, but he gets to enjoy another year with his college sweetheart.

Have a classy break-up
For better or for worse, relationships come to an end. Remain positive and work through this rite of passage with friends you trust. Don’t take the Gilbert Arenas route and smash up a perfectly good sports car just because of a row with your ex-girlfriend—and then post it on social media for all to see. The same goes for sulky Facebook updates and passive-aggressive tweets.


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