Propose Like An NBA Player

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While there’s no shortage of viral proposal videos floating around the web, we think it’s best to look to the pros when it comes to popping the question. Indeed, some of the smoothest moves we’ve seen belong to NBA players off the court. Here’s what the biggest names in the sport did to get their girlfriends to “yes.”

Big ask: Nick Young
Perhaps you’re high school sweethearts, or maybe you just look damn good together. Regardless, people know it’s going to happen—they’re just waiting on a when. That’s how it was for L.A. Lakers superstar Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea, whose engagement we knew was all but an inevitability as soon as their first Instagram posts hit the web. Swaggy P ended up proposing on Azalea’s 30th birthday, and she couldn’t say no. If you’re planning something similar, just ensure ahead of time that your lady is cool with crowds—if she isn’t, a public declaration of love may present unnecessary pressure.

No nerves: LeBron James
LeBron James bent down on one knee shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve to propose to his long-time girlfriend and mother of two, Savannah Brinson. And, like all men, he was a ball of nerves. Cue future best man, Dwyane Wade. James had Wade stow the engagement ring in his pocket until James could muster up his courage. Then, when James felt at his most confident, he was able to make the ask before talking himself out of it. Feel free to rope in some backup, but if you’re putting things off for another reason—say, if you’re having second thoughts—abandon the mission and assess what’s holding you back. Sometimes, it takes a fresh start to find true love.

Family man: Dwyane Wade
By the time Dwyane Wade made his move on Gabrielle Union, the two had already been in a relationship for quite some time—one they shared with Wade’s sons, Zaire and Zion. To catch Union off guard, Wade had his sons lure her in with the promise of a presentation, but when she turned around, they were holding signs asking, “Will you marry us?” Featuring something that connects the two of you—in their case, a family—is one way to make the moment that much more special.

Simple approach: Rodney Stuckey

Grand gestures are great, but there’s a certain poetry to keeping things easy. Rodney Stuckey nearly lost his future wife, Kacie Boguskie, to the smooth-talking Juan Pablo on The Bachelor when they were temporarily broken up. Rather than preceding his proposal with a lavish dinner or an awkward Jumbotron appearance, Stuckey opted to ask the former Pistons dancer to marry him on Mother’s Day. His method? Breakfast in bed and a special letter. Anybody would consider that sweet—we call it smooth and simple, a winning approach.
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