5 New Ways To Charge Your Smart Device

Our phones can do almost anything. You can communicate with friends all over the world in a variety of different ways, you can purchase nearly anything you want and you can even film decent videos and take high quality photos. But for all the useful features our smartphones have, there is one major drawback: battery life. (And it’s getting worse.) So we took a look at a few ways to charge up your phone on the go to keep it working longer while you’re out.

For the pro: Raw Induction

Raw Induction is a triangle shaped wireless charger made from concrete and sustainable cork oak from a forest in Portugal. What this charger lacks in portability (it’s large enough to charge up to three devices, ranging from a smartphone to a tablet, at once), it makes up in style and durability.

For your morning workout: AMPY MOVE

AMPY uses the energy generated from activities such as walking, running and cycling to generate power that can be used to charge your smartphone. One hour of exercise can produce one hour of normal smartphone battery life, five hours of smartphone standby use and 24 hours of regular smartwatch use.

For emergencies: Devotec Fuel Micro Charger

The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger provides just enough battery life to get you through small emergencies. This quarter-sized charger is small enough to fit on your keychain and provides 20-33 minutes of talk time, the ability to send a few emails, or use your GPS and maps function on your smartphone if you’re lost.

For the early adopter: kraftwerk

Kraftwerk is a gas-powered portable charger that, when full, can charge your smart phone, tablet, or GoPro camera for up to two weeks. The kraftwerk charger is small and can be refilled using gas and/or lighter gas cartridges that are widely available around the world. Interested? Their kickstarter campaign was wildly successful and new purchases can now be pre-ordered for delivery in February 2016.

For the socially responsible: WakaWaka Power+

This portable charger is solar powered, getting its own battery life from the sun and can fully charge a smartphone in around 2 hours. WakaWaka is a social venture with a conscience, and proceeds from every sale are re-purposed to make similar products available in communities around the world that are suffer from “energy poverty.”

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