NBA Players Try On 4 Trends From Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

The third edition of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week took place recently where designers presented an array of spring and summer looks that showed how far menswear has come in the last few years. From established designer Christopher Bates refining his blend of tailored sportswear, to Ante Meridiem making a skirt/turtleneck/sneaker combo wearable for men, there was something for everyone. We narrowed down the offerings to four runway looks that illustrate the best trends coming next season and paired them with four NBA players we’d love to see try them out.

Patterned suiting: Dwight Howard x Kenneth Barlis

Not for the faint of heart, one of our favorite trends of the week was the patterned suit done best by Kenneth Barlis. While a patterned jacket or trousers is a start, a patterned suit is a great way to have fun with a wardrobe staple that can easily become stagnant. As one of the best-dressed big men in the league, not to mention one who’s known for his colorful personality, we’d love to see Dwight Howard pull this off.

Pastels: LeBron James x Christopher Bates

The King has come a long way since his famed all-white suit on draft night 12 years ago. Since then, LeBron has made just as much a name for himself in the sartorial world as on the court. From fully accessorized (lapel pins, pocket squares, etc.), slim-cut suits, to more casual looks such as a leather jacket paired with jeans and designer kicks, The King can do no wrong. We’d love to see James re-do his draft night blunder with this all-white Christopher Bates look complete with killer pastel purple denim jacket.

Genderless style: Russell Westbrook x Ante Meridiem

Is there anyone in the NBA more into fashion then Russell Westbrook? From the full-length fur he rocked during this past NBA All-Star Weekend to this monochromatic look, Westbrook is no stranger to taking sartorial risks. That’s why we’d love to see him rock this turtleneck, skirt and sneaker combo by Ante Meridiem. With traditional gender boundaries becoming less and less defined, Russell Westbrook is the perfect person to bring this style to the masses.

Technical Outerwear: John Wall x Philippe Dubuc
Known as the quickest player in the NBA, John Wall’s style is a balance between elevated sportswear and peacockish tailored looks. This laminated fishtail parka paired with grey tights and sneakers would be a natural progression for the rising star without compromising his love for sportswear. As technical wear continues to gain traction in the fashion world, John Wall is the perfect person to take it outside the gym while gaining style points.

Photos: All runway images courtesy of Shayne Gray
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