5 Style Tips From Our Favourite Eccentric Dressers

The fashion month marathon is wrapping up in Paris this week, which causes us to reflect on the season that was. Womenswear designers are known for creating looks for show (generally at least three quarters of the looks shown on the runway are just for the runway, as only a quarter of the looks go to production and subsequently get sold in stores). While designers such as Vetements & J.W Anderson staged memorable collections, for us men there’s not much we can take from it. That’s why I’ve narrowed down five looks from some of the NBA world’s most eccentric dressers to help up your style game for the fall season.

Jayden Smith – Kimono Shirt

While most men (including myself) are comfortable in traditional American garments (suits, shirts, jeans etc.), looking outside our immediate culture is one of the easiest and most unique ways to expand your personal style. This kimono shirt worn by Jayden Smith is the perfect example. The embroidery adds an authentic element while the way he styles it with a black T-shirt and jeans is the perfect way to incorporate a unique element in your wardrobe without turning it upside down.

Jayden Smith – Dress

Although androgynous clothing may be trending at the moment, it’s probably difficult for you to incorporate this style into your wardrobe for the simple reason that men and women fundamentally have different body types. This doesn’t mean that all women’s clothing should be banned though. This look is a perfect example of incorporating a women’s piece without going overboard. By keeping the colour scheme simple, wearing a slim bottom and a more relaxed top, Jayden shows how you can incorporate a dress (or any similar women’s piece) into your wardrobe while still retaining your manhood.

Russell Westbrook – Monochromatic

While wearing all of the same color may seem sooo 2005, monochromatic dressing is an easy way to pair some of your favorite pieces in one outfit. The key to wearing a monochromatic outfit is to play around with textures/tones and to break it up if possible. Take this outfit by Russell Westbrook, white cotton jeans paired with a white tee and white nylon bomber could be overkill, but the grey hoodie emphasizes the contrast in fabric thus making it a killer look.

Russell Westbrook – White after Labour Day

You know that old rule that you can’t wear white after Labour Day? Forget about it! White and white jeans in particular can be worn year-round in the right context. Rooting one white piece with two contrasting colors (one should preferably be an earth tone for fall) is a clean look that still says you’re fall-ready.

James Goldstein – Statement Jacket

Forget whoever told you that the building blocks of your wardrobe should consist of only navy, blue and black. Front row fixture, James Goldstein is a perfect example that you should wear whatever the hell you want! While I wouldn’t necessary advise you to buy a bright yellow leather, if you love a piece with a loud color or print buy it (even if you don’t own a basic version) because you will WEAR it the most. Clothes are meant to be worn, just remember to pair those red sneakers with some neutrals so you don’t look like the red ranger.
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