The Best iPhone 6S Accessories

If you are one of the lucky proud owners of an iPhone 6s, you just got luckier. While your personal life saver/computer/smart phone can pretty much do everything, we found a few accessories that take your phone to the next level. Nice phone cases aren’t the only way to accessorize your phone these days, now you can attach high grade camera lenses, and control virtually everything within your household with a few taps on your iPhone.

Smartphone Attachable Lens-style Camera DSC-QX100

Sometimes, no filter in the world can make your iPhone’s picture sharper. For the serious photographer out there, Sony has come out with a high-resolution DSLR-quality lens that works in conjunction with your smartphone. All you have to do to connect the lens to your phone is to download a Sony’s PlayMemories app from the App Store. Best of all, the lens can be attached directly to your iPhone or remotely controlled to broaden your picture taking possibilities.

Leef iBridge

With high-resolution images and videos taking up more storage than ever before (Live Photo, anyone?), storing them on your iPhone can be a challenge. Leef iBridge has created a solution that doesn’t involve you upgrading your entire iPhone (or iPad/iPod)—an external hard drive that’s small enough to be portable without weighing down your devices. Storage options range from 16GB to 256GB and weigh roughly 10 grams.

The Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker

Have you ever found yourself in an empty apartment with no furniture except for an iPhone or laptop full of music that you can’t enjoy without headphones? The Big Turtle Shell wireless speaker was designed to get you through scenarios like that, or even when you’re at a party and can’t find an outlet to plug your speakers into. The fact that it’s water resistant, dust-proof and shock-proof means you can take this wherever you go. Its cool geometric turtle shell design means you’ll be travelling and playing music in style.

Harmony Home Hub

Impress your friends, family, or even a date the next time they come to your house by controlling your TV, surround sound, blu-ray player and lighting all from your iPhone. The Harmony Home Hub by Logitech allows you to turn your iPhone into a universal remote control around your house. Compatible with Nest, Lutron, August and peq, Harmony Home Hub is guaranteed to make you the king of your household (and possibly the most hated unless you allow other smartphones access to the hub—which you can also do).

Tough Armor Volt Wireless Phone Case and Charger

A wireless charger that doubles up as a non-bulky, shock-absorbing case? That’s exactly what Spigen claims to offer with their Tough Armor Volt iPhone 6S protector. To keep your goods safe 24/7, it features a built-in wireless charging receiver so you can charge both wirelessly or by plugging a cable directly into case itself. It’s as versatile as it is light and sleek.
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