5 Things that Will Motivate You to Get Back into the Gym


Alarm clock goes off and you immediately hit the snooze button. Sounds familiar, right? Many of us if not all of us do it. We all tell ourselves the night before that we are hitting the gym when we wake up, but the same drive is just not there when you are lying in the comfort of your bed the following day.

Buying the gym membership is the easy part, but it is almost as if there is a mental wall in our heads enabling us to stay in bed and hit the snooze button. No matter how many times you tell yourself the night before that you are going to do it, that mental wall always remains in the morning and throughout the day.

Of course, commitment is the hard part, but how can you motivate yourself to start and remain committed? How can you find the motivation in the morning to get out of bed, not click snooze and get into the gym? Fear not, because here are five things that you can all do that will give you the spark you need to start heading to the gym!

5. Write down your fitness goals:

Believe it or not, this has even been scientifically proven. If you write down your goals, there is a higher likelihood of you attaining that goal. Keep a logbook. Write what you want to achieve and set deadlines for yourself. You are the person who wrote this down and you will not be the person who will look into this logbook in “x” amount of time and see that you have given up on yourself.

Goals could range from amount how much weight you wish to lose, or how much you wish to gain. Before and after pictures or simply writing your daily workouts into your logbook help as well. If you see a progress in your endurance and strength from a week-to-week basis, you will be more committed to sticking with the program.

4. Get a gym buddy:


Whether a beginner or an advanced lifter, a gym buddy is crucial in so many ways. Whether it is getting that spot, having a friend to talk to or someone who will give you that motivation to help you knock out a few more reps of your exercise, a gym buddy always helps.

Finding a gym buddy with similar fitness goals as you is preferable, but ultimately what you are looking for here is someone who will get you into the gym when you do not want to be there. You can give up on yourself when the weather outside looks gloomy or if you are just not feeling well, but when another person, your friend, is at the gym, you cannot give up on them. Champions come in pairs of two and when you have someone with you working towards the same goal, your commitment to the craft just grows that much more.

3. Music:

Let’s face it. Most gyms play lame radio music, am I right? Of course I am. You cannot pump yourself up listening to One Direction.

This is why it is a sin not to come to the gym without an iPod and a pair of headphones. Whether it is hard rock, hip hop, EDM or any other genre of music, make sure that what you are listening will give you that extra burst of energy when you workout.

2. Switch it up:

Now if there is one thing I cannot stand about my workouts is repetition. Not only does your body get used to the workout, preventing you from getting the same bang for your buck, the workouts just become plain boring.

Do you want to hit the gym if you know you are going to do the exact same thing you have been doing each day for weeks? If you still find the drive, I aspire to be like you, but I need change in my routines.

The thing is guys, you do not have to make big changes. Whether it is switching up the order of your exercises, or using weights instead of cardio machines to work on fat loss, a fresh new workout will have anyone excited to try it out.

1. Change your mindset:

This is the most important aspect of getting the motivation you need to get into the gym. Whatever the mind decides, the body follows. It is time to get the words hope, think about going or try out of our vocabularies. From now on, we WANT to go to the gym and we WILL do it. Seize the day, it is your body and that is the one thing in the world you can never take for granted. Cherish it, work on it and continue to always improving your overall health and lifestyle. It all starts right here – inside your head. Without the mental aspect, you will never accomplish the physical aspect.

I hope these five tips will help all of you guys not only get into the gym, but to find that level of commitment to attaining your goals and working on improving your lifestyle! To break through the mental wall in your head that is telling you to click snooze is just the beginning, but it is also the most important step in the process.


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