New Year’s Resolution: Beginning of the New You

It is the beginning of a new year and everyone knows exactly what that means – the gym’s Boxing Day equivalent to what happens at the Eaton Centre on December 26. Only problem, the gym will remain crowded for the next few weeks. All the weights and machines will be occupied, you will be annoyed by the wait time, but you must stay in the gym for at least an hour, right? That’s what every fitness magazine says after all. You are going to want to quit.

As the weeks pass, the gym will start clearing up. In fact, you can probably even begin to see the other end of the gym. It is not for everyone, but you are not like the people who were not up for the challenge. You made a promise to yourself and 2016 will be your year to make a change.

I know lifting weights is not always the most entertaining activity, and running may be boring, but it is your health after all and you must not take your body for granted.

Within a gym, the mindset you have is everything and efficiency is key. If the chaos of new years resolutioners or inability to maintain your promise to yourself has you leaning towards giving up, we have you covered with a few tips that will keep you going strong!

1) Have a plan B

Now the gym is always a busy place in January and you never know when what is occupied. Sure you can always wait for it to free up, but that is not efficient. Entering the gym with a plan B will have you ready for whatever obstacle you face. If one thing is taken, well that’s not a problem and you can hop on something else.
If you are hoping to work on your chest and a flat bench is unavailable, try to find a decline bench or even a dip bar. Every issue can be worked around and it is up to you to find a way!

2) Ask to work in

We are all at the gym for one purpose and that is improving ourselves. So why not help each other out? If you see one person on a machine or at a bench and you want to use it, ask to work in. Think about it. Both of you have to rest between sets anyways and it gets needing a spotter out of the way.
I promise this is the only time you need to take your headphones out and actually communicate with a fellow gym goer. It will be over before you know it and you will be okay.

3) Do not go to the gym during rush hour

Yes even a gym has rush hour. This is the time of day when the kids are out of school and the adults are done with work and all converge in one location – the gym. Figure out what these hours are at your gym and just stay away during those times. An emptier gym keeps you more efficient and you will not have to waste your time searching for a locker.

4) Supersets

So you found the machine or the bench you were looking for, but you are afraid to lose it. You may not be able to find something else after you finish an exercise. What is the solution? You have to make the most out of the machine and the best way of achieving just that is by super-setting.


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