New Year, New You!

New Years Resolution

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution?

Every year, almost every human being on earth has the same new year’s resolution – start exercising more.

So every one starts off their January in the gym with their sparkly new Gatorade water bottle and their brand new Nike Kicks. New gear, a new mind set and you feel like you are ready to conquer the gym because that is your new year’s resolution, why wouldn’t you be able to do it?

Only problem is, last year you had the same new year’s resolution. The year before that? Same deal. And how about the year before that? Exercise more, yet after a few weeks in January you are bored. You are not seeing immediate results, it’s no fun to schlep your body over to the gym after a long day at work or a bland day at school.

And hell, when you get to the gym, what do you even do? What’s a Smith Machine? Where is the best lighting for your “new year, new you” Instagram picture?

For gym newbies, January is the month you try something new and by month’s end you give up on the idea. For avid gym goers, January is torture.

Luckily for the newbies, BallnRoll has a way of helping you hold onto your new year’s resolution and stick with working out. Make February a torturous month for avid gym goers and keep hitting those weights with these five tips on how to stick to your plan!

5) Make A Playlist

This is key. Working out without music is hard, even for the most avid of lifters, so what that means is get your iPod, or your phone, make a playlist, and hit the gym.

As for the type of music? Something motivational, or even music that screams at you to pump you right up. Maybe, even listen to some motivational gym speeches, find your gym sensei on YouTube and let him guide you through your new year’s resolution.

4) Get a Personal Trainer

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to do? That’s what a personal trainer is there for!

Get help creating a training program, setting your goals, maybe even a health plan to change your lifestyle and improve your overall health. The quickest pathway to benefits is having a plan and following it. A vision needs direction and a personal trainer is the perfect help any new gym goer needs!

Oh, and he will explain to you what a Smith Machine is.

3) Get a Gym Partner

How to stick to new years resolution

Credit: Fitspur

Why suffer alone when you can suffer together? Who knows, maybe two negatives will make a positive! Find a gym buddy who is at the same fitness level as you and push each other to move forward, to get into the gym and work hard on transforming your lifestyle. Together, you will slowly improve and see the benefits of your training.

Find yourself a DeMar DeRozan to your Kyle Lowry and become the ultimate gym partners who will make sure you both stick to the original goals you assigned for yourself in your new year’s resolution.

2) Evaluate Yourself

Here is an easy way to see benefits. Every month, or every two weeks, give yourself tests. See how many push ups you can do. How much you can bench press or bicep curl. Anything really and see if the numbers improve from test date to test date.

If you train hard, you are bound to see improvements and once you see those improvements, it will only motivate you to keep at it and stick to the gym.

1) Positive Self-Talk

Lastly and most importantly, working out is healthy and there is a ton of benefits to it. The main reason exercising more is a promise you made to yourself on New Year’s Eve is simply because you know you do not do enough and it is not healthy. Tell yourself about the positives that comes from it, look up the good that it brings and use that as extra motivation to change your lifestyle and be more healthy moving forward.


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