Steph Curry Setting Sites Elsewhere?

Curry out of Gstate?

Steph Curry Free Agent Plans not Limited to the Warriors

In the summer, Steph Curry will be a free agent and will have the opportunity to explore all of his options and essentially go anywhere he wants. Even though he cannot envision himself leaving his adopted team and departing from the Bay Area, he did say that his hometown of Charlotte is “on my radar”.

Of course afterwards he did reassure Warriors fans, telling them not to worry and that he would love to finish his career in a Golden State uniform, but of course, as fans that only means – time to panic.

“Curveballs happen all the time,” Curry told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s hard to see myself anywhere else”.

Being picked in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft out of Davidson, Curry has transitioned from an undersized, injury-prone guard into a superstar and quite possibly, the greatest shooter to have ever lived. The Warriors own his Bird rights, meaning they are able to provide him with a max deal at a projected $165-million over five years and it would seem foolish to believe that they wouldn’t do everything in their power to create the cap space to afford Curry for the max.

Now, with Kevin Durant in the fold, Curry is currently the fourth highest paid player on the Golden State Warriors and in case the Warriors brass forget who still is the face and backbone of the franchise, the Warriors fanbase will be in for an interesting summer.

But then again Warriors fans, don’t panic.


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