Virtual Reality Technology for Jordan

Jordan Free Throws Tech

Clippers Looking into Improving Jordans Free Throws via Technology

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

With DeAndre Jordan’s free throw shooting ability looking eerily familiar to that of a blind-folded Stevie Wonder, the Los Angeles Clippers are looking into virtual reality technology in order to help Jordan become at least competent from the charity stripe.

The big man is averaging 42.5% for his career from the free throw line, so if the Clippers wish to use their defensive anchor in crunch time, something has got to give and it starts with breaking the bank to improve their franchise big man’s free throw shooting.

Jordan is not the first player to face this sort of technological help.

Equally as inept from the free throws, Andre Drummond went through this same process. The process began with Drummond putting on a headset and watching himself make free throws. There is an option available that lets you choose either a first-person view, where you can hear the basketball hitting the court as it is dribbled after which you see the ball go over your head and into the basketball net. The second option allows for a third-person perspective, where you have the ability to watch your technique from varying angles.

“The first couple days or weeks, it was hell for me,” Drummond said in September referring to his transition into work with virtual reality technology. “It was hard. It was doing something new. I was doing something new. I’ve never done virtual reality in my life and to really accept the fact that I needed help with that part of my game was tough just to give in. When I finally gave in to training my brain to focus on one thing, it kind of worked out for me.”

I guess it is worth a try. If this doesn’t work, there is always magic.


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