Cousins a King to Stay?

Should Boogie Stay?

Is it a Good Idea for DeMarcus Cousins to Stay in Sac-Town?

The never-ending drama that has been surrounding DeMarcus Cousins for the past few season in Sacramento seems to be heading to a conclusion. Cousins and the Kings just have to make it through the next month, but once the trade deadline passes, reports suggest that Cousins is hoping to re-sign long term with the Sacramento Kings in the offseason.

The ex-Kentucky Wildcat has reason to be excited for the Summer. While it is yet to be seen if the Kings can grab the final spot in the Western Conference playoff picture, Cousins has established himself as the best big man in basketball. Since the Kings own Cousins’ Bird Rights, they will have the opportunity to do something no other NBA team can do and something that Cousins will by no means be opposed to – offer Cousins the maximum five-year, $207-million extension.

According to CSN California’s James Ham, that is exactly what the Kings and Cousins plan to do. To put this in perspective, the contact would be the richest ever handed out in the history of the NBA to date.

Now of course money talks, but should this be the determining factor as to where Cousins wishes to play out the prime years of his career? Cousins will be paid handsomely no matter where he opts to go once his current contract expires next season, but he will not get the maximum nor the fifth year of term.

Should Boogie Stay in Sacramento?

Credit: Sporting News

Ultimately what it will come down to is will Cousins come to the conclusion that being in Sacramento long term is the best idea for him.

Aside from Philadelphia who has seemingly righted its ship with the Colangelos coming to power, Sacramento may just be the most dysfunctional basketball franchise in the entire NBA for quite some time now. Coaching problems have been an issue, a lack of vision from the higher ups in the front office has been a huge problem as well. The ability to put the right pieces and draft the right players to fit around Cousins has consistently led to failure.

Of course if money is the number one priority for Cousins, then by all means, this story is as meaningless as can be, but if winning is something that Cousins desires, then to think that Sacramento should be his number one choice long-term is disappointing.

As much drama and turmoil that has come out of the Cousins-Kings relationship it’s hard to believe that Cousins is even considering staying in Sac-Town past his contract, but for a front office that has ultimately failed their franchise big man time and time again, there should be no reason for Cousins to stay put.

The Kings organization has proven to have zero direction, absolutely no vision. Each season they try to surround Cousins with pieces that just lead to problem. This year Arron Afflalo has had run-ins with Head Coach Dave Joerger. Last season it was George Karl feuding with everyone including Cousins and even Seth Curry.

As short as Cousins’ temper is, he has constant reason to be upset with what he has seen around him since entering the league. His often immature personality should not be the reason as to why the Kings have been unable to find the same success they got all too accustomed with at the turn of the century.

Success in any company or organization comes from the very top and trickles its way down. Until the Kings’ front office proves that they can create a vision for the franchise, to bring in players that fit, and to really just have a long-term plan, there is no reason as to why Cousins should feel that he has to re-sign.

Again, if money is the main priority, we will see a disgruntled yet wealthy ‘Boogie’ in a Kings uniform for years to come, but if Cousins places winning at the top of his contract wish list, than the Kings should be no where near his shortlist of preferred teams.


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