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Only One Guarantee in March Madness

There is Only One Guarantee in the NCAA Tournament

Louisville was ousted, so was Villanova.

SMU was believed to be a darkhorse in the tournament, but like many other teams, were not able to advance past the first round. And please don’t get me started on the Florida State Seminoles.

As of this morning, there are no more perfect brackets left. Zero, none. All have been busted one way or another. Of the millions made, only one bracket picked the first 39-straight games correctly and that one person may have just used the most illogical logic to even get that far.

Nicest sounding school name moves on? Super lucky coin flips? Which team mascot looks cooler maybe?

No amount of research can ever create the perfect bracket, it is mathematically possible, yes, but humanly impossible. On any given day, anything can happen. Either team can win any given game and that is the beauty of the tournament. The best team wins a seven-game series 90% of the time in basketball, but one game can go either way.

The Philadelphia 76ers will beat the Golden State Warriors once in 100-match ups. Who knows when that once will be?

Point is, there are absolutely no guarantees in the ‘madness’ that is the NCAA Tournament, or actually, there may be just one – the UConn Huskies lady’s team.

Basketball is tradition in Connecticut. It is a program that has produced names of the likes of Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Kemba Walker and Andre Drummond, but here’s the thing. When someone asks you about men’s college basketball excellence, you do not think Huskies. Almost immediately, the first thought that should pop into anyone’s mind is Duke. Under Coach K, the Duke Blue Devils program is the gold standard for men’s college basketball.

Shifting to women’s college basketball, when you think greatness similar to that of Duke on the men’s side, you think the UConn Huskies. Ten-time National Title winners, UConn has become a lock in the NCAA annual tournament, much like the San Antonio Spurs, and the New England Patriots have in their respective sports.

All four – the Blue Devils, the Pats, the Spurs and the Huskies – are cut from the same cloth.

Coming into the season, the UConn Huskies entered a completely different team. Their top three players went 1-2-3 in the WNBA Draft, leaving the team with nothing more than role players and an incoming group of freshman, but ultimately, not even one notable star. In preseason polls, the queens of college basketball were ranked third in the nation, bringing in a new starting lineup that needed a ton of work and questions surrounding a legendary basketball program.

Fast forward a few months and the UConn Huskies are steamrolling into day one of the NCAA Tournament as a number one seed, blowing out their first victims, no. 16 Albany by a score of 116-55. In the words of Whitney Medworth of SB Nation, this UConn team was not “supposed to be this good, this fast”, yet here they are where they belong, once again atop the women’s college basketball ladder.

Once role players, the Huskies are being led by the same girls no one believed in and they are turning into stars in front of our very eyes. Katie Lou Samuelson, Napheesa Collier, and Gabby Williams are now leading the Huskies charge, all three ladies arguably some of the best players in the country this year, all of whom could make a strong case for Most Improved Player of the year as well.

Yesterday, Collier paced the Huskies with a game-high 24-points, 10-boards, three blocks, and three steals. This marked her 14th double-double of the season. What makes the UConn system work every single season, the system that has guided them to the Tournament every year since 1989 is still alive and well. On Saturday, the Huskies had an astounding 34-assists on 43-field goals.

It is this exciting style of basketball that makes the Huskies so dominant. They will now play the Syracuse Orange on Monday, going for their 109th straight win.

Yes, you read that right. The UConn female Huskies have won 108-straight games. It is time to take notice. These women deserve the recognition!

The run for a fifth straight National title has officially begun.


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