My Mixtape: Terrence Ross

My Mixtape: T-Ross

From Portland, Oregon to Dunking on the Big NBA Stage

Have you ever wanted to know where your favourite NBA player came from? His origin? Or even when his first dunk was? Now you can!

BallnRoll is presenting a brand new concept called ‘My Mixtape’ where we will go back in time and see where your favourite stars started their journey to the NBA. From their first basketball team, to their first ever dunk, even to their first poster! we will capture it all.

In our inaugural debut, we take a trip down memory lane with former Toronto Raptor and current Orlando Magic player, Terrence Ross, a Portland-native who has taken his high-flying athleticism from the AAU all the way to the NBA!

BallnRoll: Who are you? What city do you call home and what school colours do you rep?

Ross: I’m from Portland, Oregon, and blue and gold (Jefferson High School).

Ross high school


BallnRoll: What is the name and city of the first basketball team you made?

Ross: It was Vancouver and Nothing but Net.

Lol tbt

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BallnRoll: What was your age and the place of your first dunk? Everyone remembers their first and how did you celebrate?

Ross: It was at my future high school in Portland, Oregon in the eighth grade. It was in front of my team and you know, just went up for a dunk and got it.

#tbt 10th grade

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BallnRoll: When, where, and who was the first time you dunked on top of someone’s head? How did it feel and was that the beginning of a new you?

Ross: I think it was in a tournament in Portland. We played against a team from Seattle and I think his name was Aaron Donte. I think I kind of caught him on a tip dunk and that was my first time.

BallnRoll: Tell us about your first home college game. Was it everything you dreamed about?

Ross: First one, it was in Seattle, Washington against Seattle Pacific and I could’ve had a dunk on my very first possession, but I finished with a lay-up. It was fun though, it was fun!

My Mixtape: T-Ross

Credit: The Seattle Times

BallnRoll: Give us your, ‘welcome to the NBA’ humbling moment, as a rookie? Schooled, cross-overed, being dunked on? Who and where?

Ross: I got back cut by Corey Maggette for a lob dunk on the first play I got in.

My Mixtape: Terrence Ross



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