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Orlando Magic Info Leak

Orlando Magic Leak Offseason Plans on Social Media

There’s dumb, there’s stupid, and then there’s Orlando Magic.

Patricio Garino was photographed on Monday signing a contract with the Orlando Magic that would run until the end of the season. Conveniently, Garino was signing the contract on a desk that happened to be right next to a whiteboard, which seems to have a bunch of the Magic’s offseason plans clearly and neatly listed.

The picture was taken by Garino’s agent Carlos Prunes, who then tweeted the photo. Prunes would later delete the picture, but not before the Magic’s mastermind plans have been exposed for the entire world to see.

Two days after April Fools, the Orlando Magic continue to do Orlando Magic things.

Some of the more interesting brainstorming ideas on the board were the Magic’s plans to pursue the likes of Danilo Gallinari, Andre Iguodala, and Paul Millsap, all of whom are pending free agents.

Rob Hennigan, the Magic’s general manager who is already on the hot seat, quickly came out and stated to the Orlando Sentinel that the whiteboard notes are “not indicative of plans” and are simply “options, including some of which other teams have inquired about”.

Outside of the Magic’s potential free agent targets, the most intriguing tidbits of notes are next to the name of Philadelphia 76ers’ Dario Saric – “for AG”. If “AG” is in fact Aaron Gordon, the Magic may want to have a friendly chat with their high-flying forward as soon as possible.

“Every team got rights to think about their future, to put it on board,” Said Saric. “But to comment, I don’t have something. It’s ok. To me, you are doing good if they have you on [their] mind like an option.”

Things were a tad more awkward on the Magic side.

“It was definitely something that I wasn’t aware of before,” Said the confused former Slam Dunk runner-up. “It wasn’t for me to see, so for me to see something like that, it brings something that’s out of my control into my reality. But that’s neither here nor there. My plan and my focus is to play basketball and to enjoy the game of basketball. Anything other than that is out of my control. I love this organization and I’m going to continue to work hard and play.”

The Orlando Magic have had a rough go this season, with an organization that is in disarray, so does it really matter if Gordon gets a fresh start with a more competent franchise?

Never a dull moment in the Sunshine State.



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