Incoming Draft Changes

Silver Speaks pre-Finals 2017

Is Adam Silver Planning to Change NBA Draft Rules?

The days of one-and-done may be approaching its end as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants the NBA’s draft-eligibility rules altered.

Not that he knows to what extent just yet, but with less than a month remaining until the draft, which will see around 20-players who have just one year of college under the belt enter the league. Despite the hope for modification, Silver is still very unsure of what can be done.


“My sense is it’s not working for anyone,” Silver said Thursday night before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. “It’s not working for the college coaches and athletic directors I hear from. They’re not happy with the current system. And I know our teams aren’t happy either, in part because they don’t necessarily think the players who are coming into the league are getting the kind of training that they would expect to see.”

It has been a bit over a decade since the NBA and the NBPA agreed on the rule, which states that players need to be 19-years old or at least one year removed from high school to become eligible for the draft.

“I think we all agree that we need to make a change,” Silver said. “As I’ve said before, our position, at least our formal position, going into bargaining was that we wanted to raise the minimum age from 19 to 20, and of course their formal position was they want to lower the age from 19 to 18.

“I think it’s one of those issues that we need to come together and study.”

We have not seen many teenagers succeed in the NBA game, which has led to arguments to raise the required age to 20 so players would be more physically mature and ready for the game. Others have argued that the eligible age should be 18 – if the player is able to see himself as an adult, then why can they not make the decision of going straight to the league?

Deemed generational talent, players like Ben Simmons stated that they would go straight to the NBA if the rules didn’t force him to spend a season of simply wasting his time down at LSU.


The Draft was not the only area Silver touched. He also expressed his frustration with the lack of Chinese players in the NBA, despite how crazy the country has become over the league.

“There’s probably more basketball being played in China than anywhere else in the world, and more NBA basketball is being watched in China than anywhere else in the world,” Silver said. “It’s something I’ve talked to Yao Ming a lot about. We all have to do collectively a better job training the best players in China.”

Seems like the NBA still has a lot of areas to address and a lot of work to do!


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