Celtics Not Done?

Gasol to the Celtics Rumours?

Boston Celtics Looking at Adding Another Star to Roster

Just a day after signing All-Star forward Gordon Hayward to a four-year contract, it appears as though the Celtics are not done making moves.

Sure the signing of Hayward cost them Canadian bruiser Kelly Olynyk along with Jae Crowder, a name that is currently involved in sign-and-trade rumours between the Utah Jazz, Hayward’s former team, and the Celtics. That being said, the Celtics now have a core group of Isaiah Thomas, Hayward, Al Horford, and defensive wizard, Avery Bradley.

Not the most intimidating collection of stars largely in part to the lack of high profile names, but the Celtics have separated themselves as early title contenders for next season.

Whether or not the roster can compete against the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers or the powerhouses of the Western Conference is a different question. But to raise Boston’s chances against the game’s best, general manager Danny Ainge is not done wheeling and dealing as he reportedly has his sights set on another All-Star.

With Zach Randolph signing with the Sacramento Kings and Tony Allen seemingly done with the franchise, it appears as though the Memphis Grizzlies are ready to move forward, leaving the grind era behind. That being said, the Celtics have a collection of draft picks and young players who see a lack of floor time and the Grizz may be ready to part ways with Marc Gasol.

The former Defensive Player of the Year is coming off an exceptional season in which the three-time All-Star averaged 19.5-points, 6.3-boards, and 4.6-assists per game, while stretching out his offensive game. Gasol shot 46% percent from beyond the arc.

It is unknown at this time if the trade will be made, but reports suggest that the Celtics are aggressively pursing a trade for the Spaniard.

The summer of the weapon’s race continues!


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