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NBA Outlines Schedule to Teams

NBA Outlines Upcoming Season’s Schedule

In an effort to prevent stars from taking rest days, the NBA has decided to add more time in between games and extend the regular season.

In a memo sent out to all 30-teams, the NBA outlined the changes that the upcoming league schedule will see. The new schedule tries to protect key national television matchups and makes sure teams will not play as many back-to-backs. The plan of course, is to firstly reduce the risk of injury and to prevent superstars from taking games off to rest, especially on nights when games are nationally broadcasted.

The regular season will start one year in advance with some of the schedule improvements listed here:

  • No more four games in five days or 18-games in 30-day stretches
  • Lowers the number of five games in seven nights to just 40 instances, down from 90 last year (1.3 per team as opposed to three per team)
  • Reduction of single-game road trips by 17%
  • Reduce number of back-to-backs
  • Reduction in single-game road trips of over 2,000 miles by 67%
  • Increase in weekend games due to positive ratings


Teams will have the ability to see each of their schedules and petition to the league in case they want any sort of further changes.


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