Behind the Greatness

Behind the Greatness

Drake, LeBron, and Bosh Sit Down for Epic Uninterrupted Interview

Sometimes we take great athletes for granted and view them as nothing more than what they appear to be on the surface – basketball players who make lots and lots of money.

Uninterrupted is LeBron James’ digital and media company, which allows fans look at athletes through a different lens. Get an up-close look at the people behind the stardom. Enter the athlete’s mind, see how these great superstars think. What has allowed them to become great.

In the latest Uninterrupted exclusive, Who’s Interviewing Who?, LeBron sat down with former Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh and global rap icon Drake for an epic and interesting discussion.

Discussing their origins, where they came from, and what the game of basketball means for each of them was only some of the topics that were touched on. With the ties that Drake and Bosh have to the city of Toronto, the trio even discussed how basketball has impacted Toronto – what Vince Carter meant to not only the city, but to the careers of all three of them.

A definite must-see, hearing these trio of iconic stars speak outside of their element, be it on stage, the studio, or the basketball court, is a great way of kick-starting your Tuesday


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