Time to Reset

3 Teams That Must Reset

3 NBA Teams that Desperately Need to Hit the Reset Button and Rebuild

Yes Memphis, I’m looking at you.

The midway point of the regular season is quickly approaching and with it, is the NBA annual trade deadline – a time where the legitimate contenders beef up, the dumb teams do dumb stuff, and the bad teams look to reshuffle the deck by blowing things up and starting from scratch.

Now, while there are teams like the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns who are in full-fledged rebuild mold and understand that hitting the reset button is their only way to return to prominence, there are some teams who simply don’t get it. Today, we will be discussing the dumb teams who do dumb stuff – or at the very least, teams who must come to their senses and realize what they have is broken and the sooner they act with the realist mindset, the quicker things will hopefully fall into place.

Our mission is to help three teams in particular from slowing their roll before they dig themselves a big hole. Let’s get to it!

1) Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers enjoyed a few years as the NBA’s fringe team. They were elite, yes, but were they good enough? Clearly not.

Now, Chris Paul is gone and things are returning to the Clippers ways of old. Still with an outside shot at the NBA Playoffs, the Clips are 17-20, two games of the final playoff spot. This is the trap that the Clippers are in. They are currently occupying NBA limbo. They’re a lottery team, ready to receive a crappy 13th or 14th pick in the draft. If they are able to edge the New Orleans Pelicans out of the eight seed, well they’re in luck, they have a date with the Golden State Warriors in round one.

Yeah, good luck!

So what’s the solution to NBA limbo if you cannot move up with a roster as constituted? You move down. And the Clippers can do that with quite a few valuable and tradable assets. DeAndre Jordan is atop that list, so are players like Lou Williams and Austin Rivers. Williams especially fits the mold of the perfect trade chip in today’s NBA – a shooter, a playmaker who can create for himself and for others, and a cheap expiring contract.

Swallow the pride and click rebuild Mr. Ballmer.

2) Charlotte Hornets

Just a couple seasons ago, the Charlotte Hornets were a 48-win team, destined to become a playoff mainstay for a number of years. With a young and versatile roster, led by rising star Kemba Walker in the backcourt.

Two years later, faces remain essentially the same. In an effort to move forward, the Hornets ‘cheap-ed’ out and reverted back to their backwards roster-building thinking. Roy Hibbert, Marco Belinelli, Miles Plumlee, Michael Carter-Williams and Ramon Sessions were the hired guns brought into take the Hornets to the next level.

I think you realize the problem.

Now, Walker is set to enter free agency in the summer and what once looked like a promising future, has been turned upside down, and could get even worse.

3) Memphis Grizzlies

“It’s different, man,” said Mike Conley. “At the beginning of the season we had so much optimism with how it started. Now, everything has been flipped. It’s been a 180 [-degree turn] with the way we’ve been playing, the coaching changes and things like that. It’s different, but we have to keep plugging away.”

When the face of the franchise loses all hope and openly expresses his feelings, as a team, you probably no what to do.

No not trade Conley and find a new star to fit his spot in a trade. You hit the reset button and do it fast, because Marc Gasol isn’t getting any younger, and Conley’s body isn’t going to last much longer. These next few months will be critical in the future of the Memphis Grizzlies, and as the Grizzlies continue to occupy the Western Conference cellar quietly, management needs to act and focus on the organization’s future.

The ‘Grit and Grind’ era is over and it’s time to realize it.


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