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NBA Issues Big Statement on Workplace Behaviour

NBA Sends Out Memo to all 30 Teams Outlining Work Behaviour Policy

Once again commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA have shown why they are simply one step ahead of every other professional sports league.

On Thursday, it was reported that the league has sent out a memo to top officials of all 30 of its teams outlining a “commitment to providing employees with a safe and inclusive work environment”. To further emphasize the importance of workplace safety and acceptance, the NBA is even creating a confidential hotline, which will become available for all team and league employees.

The league has become very stern in terms of its “Respect in the Workplace Policy” as they should be, and the next plan is to “conduct a series of mandatory, small-group discussions facilitated by outside experts to ensure that we all have a full understanding of issues related to sexual harassment and expectations for how we should behave in the workplace.”

This memo comes off the heels of a report from Sports Illustrated which describe the history of misogyny and predatory sexual behaviour that has been prevalent around the Dallas Mavericks franchise for quite some time.



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