Celtics Falling Apart?

Celtics Falling Apart

As Boston Celtics Injury Numbers Climb, Playoff Aspirations Decline

The Boston Celtics used to be the Eastern Conference one seed and the talk of the entire league.

Now, to use an analogy if I may, they are thin branches doing everything in their power not to break in the forceful wind, only tape will ultimately not save them. Dreadfully negative, but as the dog years of the season are transpiring, the Celtics are starting to struggle and the loss of a player of the calibre of Gordon Hayward is starting to show.

The injury bug is starting to devastate the roster of a team that at one point was believed to be the Cleveland Cavaliers’ number one challenge in the East.

Jaylen Brown is out indefinitely. It seems that Marcus Smart may be out for a while, if not for the rest of the season with a torn tendon in his right arm. Back-up big Daniel Theis, a high energy big who provided much-need rebounding presence is now out for the season with a torn meniscus.

A team that already lacks size took yet another hit they couldn’t afford.

What makes the situation worse is Kyrie Irving is carrying the entire load of a team that really doesn’t score a lot and now he is hurting.

If somebody thought mid-season the loss of Hayward could have gone unscathed, those people are now regretting those words. The Celtics miracle run early on is turning into a struggling marathon and while teams like the Toronto Raptors are running away with the one-seed and seem to be firing on all cylinders, the Celtics are simply hoping to stay as healthy as possible.

Sorry Paul Pierce, but are the Boston Celtics really falling apart?


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