Fortnite Taking Over NBA

Fortnite Taking Over the NBA

Fortnite Taking Over the Lives of NBA Players Around the League

What have NBA players been doing in their spare time? Apparently, there is only one answer: Fortnite.

The Fortnite craze has been sweeping America, with the video game numbering over 40 million users by February. Now, it has spread to the NBA.

Numerous players have confessed to developing an obsession with Fortnite, with gaming sessions lasting well into the night. Lakers rookie Josh Hart claims to have literally spent half of a day playing with his former teammate Larry Nance Jr.

“(Nance) was over for probably 12 hours,” says Hart.

From Paul George and Steven Adams, to Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, NBA players cannot get enough. Even NBA All-Star Andre Drummond has logged long hours, despite an apparent ineptness contrasting his play on the basketball court. “I really suck,” he admits.

What draws NBA players to Fortnite? Some say it helps them unwind, while others use it to clear their mind after a bad game. For those such as the currently injured Terrence Ross, it helps pass the time during their rehab.

Those attempting to seek out NBA players to play with are in luck. George’s gamertag is PackCEO13, while Towns’ is TWITCH.RYYGAMING. Ross’ gamertag is tross971. However, the former Raptor makes it clear that he doesn’t want his job invading his recreational time. “I’ll open it up for a bit, but if they start asking too many basketball questions, it’s a wrap. Fortnite only.”

Unfortunately for those seeking easy kills, Andre Drummond’s gamertag could not be found.


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