Breaking the Law

Williamson Caught by NCAA

Top Recruit Zion Williamson Reportedly Asked for Money, Job, Housing

Not a year can go by without some more controversial NCAA news.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that college basketball’s biggest name Zion Williamson reportedly asked Kansas for money prior to his commitment to Duke. According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, a taped conversation between Kurtis Townsend, an assistant at Kansas, and Adidas employee Merl Code regarding what Williamson’s commitment status was unearthed.

“Hey, but between me and you, he asked about some stuff,” Code was heard saying. “… I know what he’s asking for. He’s asking for opportunities from an occupational perspective, he’s asking for cash in the pocket and he’s asking for housing for him and his family.”

“If that’s what it takes to get him here for 10 months,” Townsend responded, “we’re going to have to do it some way.”

Before announcing his commitment to Duke last October, Williamson made an official visit to Kansas in September.

“We haven’t lost guys because someone cheated,” commented Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski on the topic. “I haven’t paid attention to it because I haven’t been affected by it.”

Williamson is expected to be a one-and-done candidate and a potential top pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.


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